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Wargrove of Woe Immortal Empires

Wargrove of Woe

The Wood Elves – or Asrai – are the guardians of Athel Loren, the most ancient forest in the Old World. They are a reclusive and mysterious race who rarely emerge from the forest and are generally only seen when coming to its defence. Although they can appear cruel or capricious, in reality the Asrai are a neutral power who act only to maintain the balance of their environment.

It is this cause for which they fight, for no land remains untarnished long if it cannot take up arms against those that wish it harm. The waking woodlands of Athel Loren have endured for many thousands of years, so long as the watchful eyes of her protectors continue their loyal vigilance.

Wargrove of Woe
Wargrove of Woe

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Wargrove of Woe







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Faction Group


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Wood Elves

  • (wh2_dlc16_political_party_wef_drycha)
    From the deepest reaches of the Empire’s forests, Drycha administers blood-drenched punishment to all who threaten her sacred home. “The Children of Isha will fail us!”

    The Treeman Ancients were the first magical beings encountered by the Elves of Ulthuan at the very beginning of their history, powerful spirits whose essences had long ago merged with living trees in bonds that only death can sever. The Wood Elves tell that there were once hundreds of such beings, but the collapse of the great polar gates and the coming of Chaos saw many perish in the fight against the Daemonic hosts, before the conjuring of the Great Vortex led to the withering of Daemonkind. Though many Treemen endured the bitter struggle against the Dark Gods, the vast majority of survivors were younger striplings, and only three of the eldest Ancients survived – Adanhu, Durthu, and Coeddil. They are known as the Elders, Treemen whose age is beyond mortal reckoning.

    For long centuries before the coming of the Elves to Athel Loren, the Elder known as Coeddil was responsible for the many manifestations of the forest’s wrath against its despoilers. When a pact was made by Durthu that would ensure the forest’s symbiotic relationship with the Wood Elves, the distrustful Coeddil was consumed with bitter fury and demanded the interlopers instead be slain. Overruled by his fellow Elders, Coeddil’s resentment for the Wood Elves’ presence eventually drove him to a great betrayal, when centuries later he strode into their glade with his wargrove of Dryad handmaidens to slaughter all he could find. It was an act met with all the rage and awesome power of the Elven Mage Queen Ariel, against which Coeddil and his followers could not withstand. Unable to slay him due to her soul’s binding to Athel Loren’s spirits, Ariel imprisoned the wrathful Elder in the Wildwood, a dark corner of the forest where no Elves dwell. Encircling it with Waystones, Coeddil was abandoned amongst the shadow-glades to brood upon his betrayal.

    Though Coeddil remains trapped in the Wildwood’s depths, his malevolent will still manifests itself through the actions of his herald, the most spiteful of all Dryads – Drycha, the Briarmaven of Woe. Here are two embittered spirits of common cause, for like the great Elder himself, Drycha remembers well the days before the coming of the Elves and has ever rued the folly that shackled the forest to mortal whim and fate. In the early years of the alliance, she was ever in evidence about the glades and groves, watching the Elves and examining their every action for any sign of betrayal. Though she has been seen little in more recent times, strange tales have emerged around Athel Loren – worrying tales of Drycha’s activities. Amongst the men of the Empire and Bretonnia, rumours abound of trees that come alive, unprovoked yet hungry for blood, leaving settlements ruined and their inhabitants as no more than scraps of tattered flesh. These may seem like senseless events, but there must surely be a greater goal behind Drycha’s activities than mere slaughter, though what that goal might be remains to be seen.

    Dryads of Dyspathy
    The Briarmaven and her handmaidens remember the days before the coming of the Elves, before the forest was shackled to mortal whim and fate.
    Attribute: Expendable for all Elf units (1.0000)
    All Elf units are Glamoured, reducing their combat power and making them Expendable (1.0000)
    Starts with 0 Amber (1.0000)
    Upkeep: +0% for all Elf units (10.0000)
    Upkeep: +0% for all Dryad, Tree Kin and Treeman units (-10.0000)
    Diplomatic relations: +0 with Wood Elves (-40.0000)

Forest Healing: Heal the world’s forests in return for powerful factionwide bonuses.
Worldroots & Deeproots: Wood Elves armies can use the network of ancient tree roots to avoid impassable terrain and travel vast distances between forests.
Forest Spirit focused unit roster with a variety of instantly recruitable wild spirits and beasts.

Faction Group

wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (9999.0000)
Seductive influence: +0 required for complete seduction (200.0000)
Seductive influence: +0 per turn from race (-3.0000)
Battering rams: +0 per siege item constructed (1.0000)
Siege towers: +0 per siege item constructed (2.0000)
1 Glade Lord
Glade Lord
1 Glade Lord (Elven Steed)
Glade Lord (Elven Steed)
1 Glade Lord (Great Eagle)
Glade Lord (Great Eagle)
1 Glade Lord (Forest Dragon)
Glade Lord (Forest Dragon)
1 Glade Lord
Glade Lord
1 Glade Lord (Elven Steed)
Glade Lord (Elven Steed)
1 Glade Lord (Great Eagle)
Glade Lord (Great Eagle)
1 Glade Lord (Forest Dragon)
Glade Lord (Forest Dragon)
1 Orion
1 Malevolent Branchwraith (Beasts)
Malevolent Branchwraith (Beasts)
100 Eternal Guard
Eternal Guard
100 Malevolent Dryads
Malevolent Dryads
100 Eternal Guard (Shields)
Eternal Guard (Shields)
100 Wardancers
100 Wildwood Rangers
Wildwood Rangers
100 Wardancers (Asrai Spears)
Wardancers (Asrai Spears)
100 Wraiths of the Frozen Heart (Dryads)
Wraiths of the Frozen Heart (Dryads)
100 Winterheart Guards (Eternal Guard - Shields)
Winterheart Guards (Eternal Guard - Shields)
100 Loec's Tricksters (Wardancers - Asrai Spears)
Loec's Tricksters (Wardancers - Asrai Spears)
100 Wardens of Cythral (Wildwood Rangers)
Wardens of Cythral (Wildwood Rangers)
Missile Infantry
80 Glade Guard
Glade Guard
80 Glade Guard (Hagbane Tips)
Glade Guard (Hagbane Tips)
80 Glade Guard (Starfire Shafts)
Glade Guard (Starfire Shafts)
80 Deepwood Scouts
Deepwood Scouts
80 Deepwood Scouts (Swiftshiver Shards)
Deepwood Scouts (Swiftshiver Shards)
60 Hawk-Eyes of Drakira (Waywatchers)
Hawk-Eyes of Drakira (Waywatchers)
Cavalry & Chariots
60 Glade Riders (Spears)
Glade Riders (Spears)
32 Lost Sylvan Knights (Great Stag Knights)
Lost Sylvan Knights (Great Stag Knights)
60 Wild Hunters of Kurnous (Wild Riders - Shields)
Wild Hunters of Kurnous (Wild Riders - Shields)
Missile Cavalry & Chariots
60 Glade Riders
Glade Riders
60 Glade Riders (Hagbane Tips)
Glade Riders (Hagbane Tips)
24 Hawk Riders
Hawk Riders
Monsters & Beasts
60 Giant Spiders
Giant Spiders
60 Harpies
48 Giant Wolves
Giant Wolves
1 Feral Manticore
Feral Manticore
1 Great Eagle
Great Eagle
24 Great Hawks
Great Hawks
16 Malevolent Tree Kin
Malevolent Tree Kin
1 Malevolent Treeman
Malevolent Treeman
16 Zoats
1 Forest Dragon
Forest Dragon
1 Durthu
16 Enigmas of Ghyran (Zoats)
Enigmas of Ghyran (Zoats)
16 Firebark Elders (Tree Kin)
Firebark Elders (Tree Kin)