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Yvresse Immortal Empires


The High Elves – or the Asur, as they call themselves – are one of the most ancient and powerful civilisations of the Old World. Hailing from a mighty, mist-shrouded island-continent located at the centre of the Great Ocean, the High Elves of Ulthuan are a proud and mighty kingdom of masterful warriors, peerless mages and lords of sky and sea. At the zenith of their power, the world was truly theirs for the taking, but in their arrogance they brought about a bloody war against the Dwarfs which crippled both of these two elder races.

The time of the High Elves has passed, yet such is their immense pride that they fight on regardless, for they consider themselves the true and rightful protectors of the known world. Let the servants of destruction beware the Asur's righteous wrath!


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High Elves

  • (wh2_dlc15_political_party_hef_eltharion)
    Moored in the Black Gulf off the coast of the jeopardous Badlands, Eltharion prepares to strike directly at the heart of the Orc and Goblin menace. "Tor Yvresse will never fall as long as I still live."

    From the ten kingdoms of Ulthuan, the High Elves march to war. For millennia they have stood guard over the world, defending it from the predations of Daemons, the worshippers of unholy Gods, and the unthinking meddling of lesser races. Their existence is one of eternal battle, fought with a courage that only they possess. When the Phoenix King issues the call to war, his people gladly answer, for it is not in the High Elves’ nature to pass so easily into history at the hands of their enemies, as they defend their island-haven to the last.

    On the east coast of Ulthuan is the misty land of Yvresse, a land of mountain foothills, deep coniferous forests and towering cliffs. To many it is considered a bleak coastal realm, but those who call it home see it is as a place as fine as any on the continent; a place of great significance to the whole of Ulthuan due to its eastern position, shielding the haven’s coast from intruders from the Old World. Its Shifting Isles, a cluster of islands just off the coast of Yvresse’s mainland, is an area shrouded in legend. Ancient spells of illusion keep the area covered in mist and each islet is seldom encountered twice in the same spot. This creates treacherous mazes of shoals and sandbars which confuse even High Elf sailors. Yvresse’s only major city is Tor Yvresse, a metropolis which was once as beautiful and grand as any of the Elf cities of old. In the present day, however, many of its mansions are uninhabited and its great amphitheatres stand silent and empty. Its thick, reinforced walls are mighty and deep, but there will likely never be enough warriors to hold them. The tragedy of near annihilation still weighs heavily on the city’s heart, after the wicked Goblin they know as Grom the Paunch invaded long ago. His stupendous horde inflicted unimaginable losses upon the High Elves as he brought the city to its knees.

    Tor Yvresse’s story would surely have ended with desolation at Grom’s hands were it not for the heroics of one of the greatest Elven generals, Eltharion the Grim. At the crucial moment of the invasion, Eltharion and his hardened troops arrived during the city’s darkest hour to turn the tide of battle against monumental odds. Grom’s army was routed, with the obese Goblin himself chased out of Yvresse. Eltharion, newly-elected as the Warden of Tor Yvresse, followed in his wake, sweeping through the Badlands like a wind of blades to slaughter Warbosses and topple Greenskin fortresses wherever he encountered them. But Grom had escaped, and worse still, Eltharion learned that his reputation had spread so far and wide that Warbosses were actually seeking him out, knowing that "Pointy-‘ead" would "give ‘em a proper fight."

    Returning to Tor Yvresse, Eltharion began to train its armies and fortify the city as never before. The next time a Waaagh! lands on the shores of Ulthuan, the folk of Yvresse – and their grim Warden – will be ready for them.

    The Realm of Mists
    Fog-cloaked Yvresse is a bleak and haunted land, whose citizen-militias are the most determined in all of Ulthuan.
    Has access to the Dungeon of Athel Tamarha (1.0000)
    Can spread the Mists of Yvresse, cloaking Eltharion and his allies' lands in a defensive shroud (1.0000)
    Recruit rank: +0 for Spear Infantry and Ranger units (3.0000)
    Diplomatic relations: +0 with Greenskins (-80.0000)

Intrigue: Influence can be spent on superior Lords, or used to affect diplomacy between factions.
Espionage: Improved foreign Outposts and Allegiance point gain.
Martial Prowess: Superior coordination in melee combat when High Elves enter battle at full strength.

Faction Group

wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (9999.0000)
Battering rams: +0 per siege item constructed (1.0000)
Siege towers: +0 per siege item constructed (2.0000)
Sea Lanes journey duration: +0 turns (-1.0000)
Underworld Sea travel time: +0 (-1.0000)
Allegiance points gained: +0% (100.0000)
Seductive influence: +0 required for complete seduction (250.0000)
Seductive influence: +0 per turn from race (-5.0000)
1 Alarielle the Radiant
Alarielle the Radiant
1 Alith Anar
Alith Anar
1 Prince (Griffon)
Prince (Griffon)
1 Prince
1 Prince (Barded Ithilmar Steed)
Prince (Barded Ithilmar Steed)
1 Teclis
1 Tyrion (Malhandhir)
Tyrion (Malhandhir)
1 Handmaiden of the Everqueen
Handmaiden of the Everqueen
1 Loremaster of Hoeth
Loremaster of Hoeth
1 Mage (High)
Mage (High)
1 Mage (High) (Elven Steed)
Mage (High) (Elven Steed)
1 Noble
120 Spearmen
100 Dryads
120 Rangers
100 White Lions of Chrace
White Lions of Chrace
120 Silverin Guard
Silverin Guard
120 The Scions of Mathlann (Spearmen)
The Scions of Mathlann (Spearmen)
120 Athel Tamarha Faithbearers
Athel Tamarha Faithbearers
100 The Puremane Company (White Lions of Chrace)
The Puremane Company (White Lions of Chrace)
100 Swordmasters of Hoeth
Swordmasters of Hoeth
100 Phoenix Guard
Phoenix Guard
100 Keepers of the Flame (Phoenix Guard)
Keepers of the Flame (Phoenix Guard)
Missile Infantry
90 Archers
90 Archers (Light Armour)
Archers (Light Armour)
90 Lothern Sea Guard
Lothern Sea Guard
80 Sentinels of Astaril
Sentinels of Astaril
90 Lothern Sea Guard (Shields)
Lothern Sea Guard (Shields)
90 Gate Guard
Gate Guard
80 Spire Guard of Tor Yvresse
Spire Guard of Tor Yvresse
80 Shadow Warriors
Shadow Warriors
90 The Storm Riders (Lothern Sea Guard)
The Storm Riders (Lothern Sea Guard)
60 The Skyhawks
The Skyhawks
60 Shadow-walkers
80 Sisters of Avelorn
Sisters of Avelorn
80 The Grey (Shadow Warriors)
The Grey (Shadow Warriors)
80 Everqueen's Court Guards (Sisters of Avelorn)
Everqueen's Court Guards (Sisters of Avelorn)
90 Talons of Tor Caleda (Archers – Light Armour)
Talons of Tor Caleda (Archers – Light Armour)
Cavalry & Chariots
60 Ellyrian Reavers
Ellyrian Reavers
60 Silver Helms
Silver Helms
4 Ithilmar Chariots
Ithilmar Chariots
60 Silver Helms (Shields)
Silver Helms (Shields)
4 Lion Chariots of Chrace
Lion Chariots of Chrace
60 Dragon Princes
Dragon Princes
60 The Fireborn (Dragon Princes)
The Fireborn (Dragon Princes)
Missile Cavalry & Chariots
60 Ellyrian Reaver Archers
Ellyrian Reaver Archers
60 Heralds of the Wind (Ellyrian Reavers - Bows)
Heralds of the Wind (Ellyrian Reavers - Bows)
4 Tiranoc Chariots
Tiranoc Chariots
Monsters & Beasts
1 Shackolot the Calamity
Shackolot the Calamity
1 Bruwor, Protector of Life
Bruwor, Protector of Life
1 Lamoureux the Frozen Breath
Lamoureux the Frozen Breath
1 Ymwrath the Eternal
Ymwrath the Eternal
1 Gordinar, Champion of the Flame
Gordinar, Champion of the Flame
1 Great Eagle
Great Eagle
24 War Lions of Chrace
War Lions of Chrace
16 Tree Kin
Tree Kin
1 Flamespyre Phoenix
Flamespyre Phoenix
1 Treeman
1 Frostheart Phoenix
Frostheart Phoenix
1 Sun Dragon
Sun Dragon
1 Forest Dragon
Forest Dragon
1 Arcane Phoenix
Arcane Phoenix
1 Moon Dragon
Moon Dragon
1 Star Dragon
Star Dragon
4 Knights of Tor Gaval
Knights of Tor Gaval
1 Omen of Asuryan (Arcane Phoenix)
Omen of Asuryan (Arcane Phoenix)
24 Rahagra's Pride (War Lions of Chrace)
Rahagra's Pride (War Lions of Chrace)
Artillery & War Machines
4 Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers
Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers