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The Blessed Dread Immortal Empires

The Blessed Dread

The Dark Elves – or the Druchii, in their own tongue – are one of the most ancient, powerful, and certainly the most sadistic of the three Elven civilisations. The Druchii are raiders, slavers and heartless reavers of the first degree, their every whim being nothing more than to sow misery and pain to all who oppose them, for cruelty is the very lifeblood of their existence. Thus do their Black Arks and Corsair Fleets ply the great waters of the world, raiding and enslaving all before them as a tribute to their own avaricious desires.

Yet they reserve their most precious hatred for the Elves of Ulthuan, their brethren in ancient times who refused to follow them under the Witch King's reign. Until the High Elves are sundered from Ulthuan, the Dark Elves will continue to bring woe and destruction to all the shores of the world.

The Blessed Dread
The Blessed Dread

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The Blessed Dread







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Faction Group


Faction Group Name

Dark Elves

  • (wh2_dlc11_political_party_def_lokhir_fellheart_ruler)
    The Krakenlord has sailed to Haichai on the coastline of distant Cathay, seeking to plunder the wealth and riches of this exotic land. From the forbidding, blackened towers of their sprawling dread city-port Karond Kar, the Dark Elves – or Druchii, as they are called in the Elven tongue – wile away their extremely long lives indulging in internecine plots, twisted schemes, depraved, debauched acts of all kinds, and of course wanton cruelty, sickening torture and bad, old-fashioned death. With devotions such as these, you would think that a life of adventure on the perilous high seas of the Great Ocean – endlessly fighting, raiding and plundering, at great personal risk – would be far too much like hard work for the hedonistic Druchii. Yet there are some among their number who eschew the decadent lifestyles of their peers, throwing caution, and themselves, to the wind, quite literally.

    Of course, for many the intention is to escape the dangers of Naggarothi life, where execution or murder, always accompanied by a smile, if not maniacal laughter, are always close by, if not waiting around the next corner. Not so in the case of Lokhir Fellheart – the dreaded ‘Krakenlord’. He was born to ply the rolling seas, bringing death to those stupid enough to attempt to traverse them, and fire, terror and enslavement to unsuspecting foreign shores. Countless ports and coastal cities lie ruined and ablaze in his wake, for Fellheart is the latest in a long line of doom-bringing admirals to command the Black Ark known as the Tower of the Blessed Dread.

    As a result of his terrible exploits, Fellheart has accumulated much plunder – wealth beyond measure, in fact – along with far greater glory than all of his forebears combined. More treasure flows through Karond Kar than ever before – of both the shiny sort and the fleshy, enslaved kind – earning him the grudging respect, if not quite the trust, of the city-port’s Dreadlord masters. But that is enough for Fellheart, for he cares little for politics or anything much except loot and plunder and what it can buy him – the loyalty of his Corsairs and the lavish bribes he pays to insalubrious officials that enable him to operate freely. Although he keeps the best pieces for himself, Fellheart is admired by his crew for his generosity, a quality not normally associated with Dark Elves! They also trust him due to the personal courage he displays in battle, a dangerous habit that other Druchii admirals tend to lose as soon as they can, lest their days on account upon the Great Ocean be very few in number!

    It is certainly true that the privations of sea-life, including his high-pressure command, have done little to blunt Lokhir Fellheart’s swordplay – he fights as naturally as he reads the oceans. Well aware that the loyalties of pirate crews hold only as long as their captain’s reputation, Fellheart relentlessly slays enemy heroes, tossing their severed heads onto an ever-growing pile, knowing full well that every skull adds another page to the book of his legend and gives mutineers more than a few compelling reasons not to cross swords with their captain!

    Menace of Mathlann
    Lokhir ensures Mathlann's favour by stealing, killing, and sacrificing in his name. Those who see Lokhir's famous Black Ark, the Tower of Blessed Dread, should prepare either for death or for servitude - the only fates possible for any of Lokhir's targets.
    Every owned Major Port will allow the recruitment of a Black Ark (1.0000)
    Sacrifice to Anath Raema: Improves Corsairs and Kharibdyss units (1.0000)
    Income from slaves: +0% (5.0000)

Black Arks: Powerful naval units that can replenish forces, recruit new units and forces, and bombard battles within range.
Slaves: Provide a bonus to provincial economies at the cost of reduced control.
Murderous Prowess: Dark Elves receive the favour of Khaine in the form of increased combat performance should they kill enough enemies in battle.

Faction Group

wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (9999.0000)
[HIDDEN] Building set used when a new Black Ark spawns (1.0000)
Battering rams: +0 per siege item constructed (1.0000)
Siege towers: +0 per siege item constructed (2.0000)
[HIDDEN] Increases the missile damage of the Black Ark unit (50.0000)
Sea Lanes journey duration: +0 turns (-1.0000)
Underworld Sea travel time: +0 (-1.0000)
Seductive influence: +0 required for complete seduction (150.0000)
Seductive influence: +0 per turn from race (-2.0000)
1 Crone Hellebron
Crone Hellebron
1 Supreme Sorceress (Dark)
Supreme Sorceress (Dark)
1 Supreme Sorceress (Fire)
Supreme Sorceress (Fire)
1 Supreme Sorceress (Shadow)
Supreme Sorceress (Shadow)
1 Lokhir Fellheart
Lokhir Fellheart
1 Lokhir Fellheart (Maelstrom)
Lokhir Fellheart (Maelstrom)
1 High Beastmaster
High Beastmaster
1 High Beastmaster (Scourgerunner Chariot)
High Beastmaster (Scourgerunner Chariot)
1 Malus Darkblade
Malus Darkblade
1 Malus Darkblade (Spite)
Malus Darkblade (Spite)
1 Dreadlord (Sword & Crossbow)
Dreadlord (Sword & Crossbow)
1 Dreadlord (Sword & Crossbow) (Dark Steed)
Dreadlord (Sword & Crossbow) (Dark Steed)
1 Malekith
1 Rakarth
1 Master
1 Master (Dark Steed)
Master (Dark Steed)
1 Master (Cold One)
Master (Cold One)
1 Death Hag
Death Hag
1 Khainite Assassin
Khainite Assassin
1 Sorceress (Dark)
Sorceress (Dark)
1 Sorceress (Dark) (Dark Steed)
Sorceress (Dark) (Dark Steed)
120 Bleakswords
120 Dreadspears
120 The Hellebronai (Dreadspears)
The Hellebronai (Dreadspears)
100 Black Ark Corsairs
Black Ark Corsairs
100 Witch Elves
Witch Elves
100 Sisters of the Singing Doom (Witch Elves)
Sisters of the Singing Doom (Witch Elves)
100 Sisters of Slaughter
Sisters of Slaughter
100 Har Ganeth Executioners
Har Ganeth Executioners
100 Black Guard of Naggarond
Black Guard of Naggarond
100 Blades of the Blood Queen (Executioners)
Blades of the Blood Queen (Executioners)
Missile Infantry
90 Darkshards
90 Darkshards (Shields)
Darkshards (Shields)
100 Black Ark Corsairs (Handbows)
Black Ark Corsairs (Handbows)
90 The Bolt-fiends (Darkshards - Shields)
The Bolt-fiends (Darkshards - Shields)
80 Shades
80 Shades (Dual Weapons)
Shades (Dual Weapons)
80 Shades (Greatswords)
Shades (Greatswords)
Cavalry & Chariots
60 Dark Riders
Dark Riders
60 Dark Riders (Shields)
Dark Riders (Shields)
48 Cold One Knights
Cold One Knights
60 Doomfire Warlocks
Doomfire Warlocks
48 Cold One Dread Knights
Cold One Dread Knights
60 Slaanesh's Harvesters (Doomfire Warlocks)
Slaanesh's Harvesters (Doomfire Warlocks)
48 Knights of the Ebon Claw (Dread Knights)
Knights of the Ebon Claw (Dread Knights)
Missile Cavalry & Chariots
60 Dark Riders (Repeater Crossbow)
Dark Riders (Repeater Crossbow)
24 Raven Heralds (Repeater Crossbow)
Raven Heralds (Repeater Crossbow)
4 Scourgerunner Chariots
Scourgerunner Chariots
4 Cold One Chariots
Cold One Chariots
4 Ravagers of Rakarth (Scourgerunner Chariots)
Ravagers of Rakarth (Scourgerunner Chariots)
Monsters & Beasts
60 Harpies
60 The Crows of Khaine (Harpies)
The Crows of Khaine (Harpies)
1 Feral Manticore
Feral Manticore
1 War Hydra
War Hydra
1 Kharibdyss
1 Chill of Sontar (War Hydra)
Chill of Sontar (War Hydra)
1 Black Dragon
Black Dragon
Missile Monsters & Beasts
1 Bloodwrack Medusa
Bloodwrack Medusa
1 The Siren of Red Ruin (Bloodwrack Medusa)
The Siren of Red Ruin (Bloodwrack Medusa)
Artillery & War Machines
4 Reaper Bolt Throwers
Reaper Bolt Throwers
1 Bloodwrack Shrine
Bloodwrack Shrine