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Divide et Impera

Divide et Impera - Version 2.4.0, Rise of the Republic (Hotfix at August 15, 2018)

Divide et Impera
At first, we started with AGA to redo some battle mechanics and to gather several reskin mods. Then we realized that we were sharing more than this: the same passion from the greatest achievements of the TW community like: Europa Barbarorum, Rome Total Realism, Broken Crescent and so on.
Divide Et Impera is now the expression of the new scope of our project.
It is designed to give players the most historically accurate gaming experience possible with the Rome 2 game engine.

Divide Et Impera means “Divide And Rule”, so, we are reworking intensely both battle (Divide) and campaign (Rule) aspects of the game.
Playable Factions
Grand Campaign
Samnite Wars
Caesar in Gaul
Hannibal at the Gates
Imperator Augustus
Macedonian Wars