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Clan Rictus Immortal Empires

Clan Rictus

The Skaven are a cunning and diabolical race of scuttering humanoid rat-creatures that have spread their loathsome corruption to the farthest corners of the world. From deep below the ground, these scavengers have built a vast Under-Empire, whose military power and incomprehensible numbers has the potential to smother the kingdoms of the Old World in a seething tide of violence and anarchy.

They follow the malevolent deity known as the Horned Rat, whose wishes and demands are both supreme and absolute. It is said that the ultimate goal of the Skaven is to conquer the surface world and bring about the Great Ascendancy, whence the Horned Rat's children will swarm across its face and claim all of it as their own.

Clan Rictus
Clan Rictus

Faction Name

Clan Rictus







Military Group


Faction Group


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  • (wh2_dlc09_political_party_skv_tretch_craventail)
    Tretch has returned home to scheme in Crookback Mountain and spread Clan Rictus' infestations over the Dark Lands. The Skaven are the ratmen gnawing at the roots of the world – an evil and conniving race that outnumber all their enemies. If only they could stop squabbling and backstabbing for long enough, and join together in one mighty alliance, then all their enemies would be wiped out under a furry tide of screeching vermin.

    But that is not how the Skaven think. Betrayal, duplicity, and cowardice are the true marks of the Skaven, and in many parts of the Under-Empire such traits are lauded as virtues. Clan Rictus vaunts these qualities – they are extremely rich, with treasure holds said to rival even those of Clan Mors. Rictus dominates the passages and tunnels under Crookback Mountain, a nest-lair deep in the Dark Lands to the east of the World's Edge. However, of late their focus has been pulled far to the west…

    Tretch Craventail has no right to the title of Grand Chieftain of the Deep Warrens, and yet, none answer to it but he. The wretch has risen quickly through the ranks of Clan Rictus on a mixture of luck and outright, unashamed treachery. However, no Skaven can survive on luck alone, and so Tretch is also one of the most conniving and cruel ratmen to have lived in recent times. He has developed – or it was within him all along? – an absolute knack for knowing when lethal trouble is close. It’s at these times that Craventail will mysteriously disappear, leaving whichever retinue he was 'leading' to their inevitable fate.

    But despite such a 'boon' – whether a natural talent or a gift from the Horned One himself – Tretch has finally come to the attention of Clan Rictus’ leader, Lord Kratch Doomclaw, a sitting member of the Council of Thirteen. Doomclaw has ordered Tretch lead a Clan Rictus expedition to the Elf-thing lands of Naggaroth, far to the west of Crookback Mountain. It is unclear exactly what Lord Kratch’s motives are but they're probably not altruistic in nature – maybe a play for power using his most capable Chieftains, or a way to rid himself of an annoying and potential rival? Most probably, it is both...

    Grand Chieftain of the Deep Warrens
    Over many battles and countless acts of treachery, Chieftain Tretch Craventail of Clan Rictus has proven himself a master of guile.
    Gain following for 0 turns after declaring war:
    Ambush success chance: +25% (all armies)
    Vanguard Deployment (all units)
    Menace Below: +1 use (all armies)
    Enemy reinforcement time: +50% (3.0000)
    Scurry Away has improved effect and grants a minor ward save while active (1.0000)
    Attribute: Encourage for Stormvermin units (1.0000)
    Additional +0 Armour and Base Weapon Damage per unit experience rank for all Clanrats and Stormvermin (1.0000)
    Secret effect to apply to RoR clanrants/stormvermin (9.0000)

Skaven Under-Empire: Establish warrens in any settlement, undermining your enemies progress, or hide in plain sight while growing your own empire.
Food: Maintain food supplies to gain growth and other bonuses, and to avoid starvation penalties.
Skaven corruption is a detriment to local control, but allows you to spawn additional units of Clanrats to fight in local battles.

Faction Group

wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (9999.0000)
Battering rams: +0 per siege item constructed (1.0000)
Siege towers: +0 per siege item constructed (2.0000)
Food generated: 0 (-1.0000)
Food consumption: +0 (-1.0000)
1 Tretch Craventail
Tretch Craventail
1 Deathmaster Snikch
Deathmaster Snikch
1 Master Assassin
Master Assassin
1 Grey Seer (Plague)
Grey Seer (Plague)
1 Grey Seer (Plague) (Screaming Bell)
Grey Seer (Plague) (Screaming Bell)
1 Lord Skrolk
Lord Skrolk
1 Queek Headtaker
Queek Headtaker
1 Warlord
1 Eshin Sorcerer
Eshin Sorcerer
1 Assassin
1 Plague Priest
Plague Priest
1 Plague Priest (Plague Furnace)
Plague Priest (Plague Furnace)
1 Warlock Engineer
Warlock Engineer
180 Skavenslaves
180 Skavenslave Spears
Skavenslave Spears
160 Clanrats
160 Clanrat Spears
Clanrat Spears
160 Clanrats (Shields)
Clanrats (Shields)
160 Clanrat Spears (Shields)
Clanrat Spears (Shields)
24 Warp-Grinders
120 Plague Monks
Plague Monks
72 Eshin Triads
Eshin Triads
72 Death Runners
Death Runners
120 Plague Monk Censer Bearers
Plague Monk Censer Bearers
160 Stormvermin (Halberds)
Stormvermin (Halberds)
160 Stormvermin (Sword & Shield)
Stormvermin (Sword & Shield)
160 Clan Vulkn Tailslashers (Clanrats - Shields)
Clan Vulkn Tailslashers (Clanrats - Shields)
120 Blightscab's Plaguepack (Plague Monk Censer Bearers)
Blightscab's Plaguepack (Plague Monk Censer Bearers)
160 Council Guard (Stormvermin - Halberds)
Council Guard (Stormvermin - Halberds)
72 Visktrin's Death Squad (Death Runners)
Visktrin's Death Squad (Death Runners)
72 Iksha's Triads (Eshin Triads)
Iksha's Triads (Eshin Triads)
Missile Infantry
140 Skavenslave Slingers
Skavenslave Slingers
120 Night Runners
Night Runners
120 Night Runners (Slings)
Night Runners (Slings)
32 Warpfire Throwers
Warpfire Throwers
48 Poisoned Wind Globadiers
Poisoned Wind Globadiers
120 Gutter Runner Slingers
Gutter Runner Slingers
120 Gutter Runners
Gutter Runners
120 Gutter Runner Slingers (Poison)
Gutter Runner Slingers (Poison)
120 Gutter Runners (Poison)
Gutter Runners (Poison)
32 Ratling Guns
Ratling Guns
48 Death Globe Bombardiers
Death Globe Bombardiers
12 Poisoned Wind Mortars
Poisoned Wind Mortars
32 Warplock Jezzails
Warplock Jezzails
32 Teeth-Breakers (Ratling Guns)
Teeth-Breakers (Ratling Guns)
32 Natty Buboe's Sharpshooters (Warplock Jezzails)
Natty Buboe's Sharpshooters (Warplock Jezzails)
12 The Avalanche Mortars (Death Globe Mortars)
The Avalanche Mortars (Death Globe Mortars)
Monsters & Beasts
80 Wolf Rats
Wolf Rats
80 Wolf Rats (Poison)
Wolf Rats (Poison)
16 Rat Ogres
Rat Ogres
1 Brood Horror
Brood Horror
1 Warlord (Bonebreaker)
Warlord (Bonebreaker)
1 Mutant Rat Ogre
Mutant Rat Ogre
1 Hell Pit Abomination
Hell Pit Abomination
1 The Thing-Thing (Hell Pit Abomination)
The Thing-Thing (Hell Pit Abomination)
1 Morskittar's Hellion (Mutant Rat Ogre)
Morskittar's Hellion (Mutant Rat Ogre)
16 Pit Fighters of Hell’s Deep (Rat Ogres)
Pit Fighters of Hell’s Deep (Rat Ogres)
Artillery & War Machines
4 Plagueclaw Catapults
Plagueclaw Catapults
4 Warp Lightning Cannons
Warp Lightning Cannons
4 Doom-Flayers
1 Doomwheel
4 Ikit's Zzzzap-Zzzzap! (Warp Lightning Cannons)
Ikit's Zzzzap-Zzzzap! (Warp Lightning Cannons)
4 Dwarf-Thing Menace (Doom-Flayers)
Dwarf-Thing Menace (Doom-Flayers)
1 Wheelz of Dooom (Doomwheel)
Wheelz of Dooom (Doomwheel)