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Slaughterhorn Tribe Immortal Empires

Slaughterhorn Tribe

Deep within the dark twisted forests of the Old World range the Beastmen, a race of savage mutants that bear various traits of bestial appearance. Beastmen are creatures of Chaos. They follow the Ruinous Powers, so civilisation is anathema to them; they tear down progress and society wherever it is found. And so they raid, destroying hamlets, villages and even towns that dare to exist close to their blood-grounds.

Yet should a brayherd be gathered, then even mankind's cities are under threat, for the Beastmen go to war with savage intent, slaughtering civilised races like cattle, burning down and shattering their homes, and stomping on the remains with their cloven hooves until there is nothing left but devastation and ruin.

Slaughterhorn Tribe
Slaughterhorn Tribe

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Slaughterhorn Tribe







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Faction Group


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  • (wh2_dlc17_political_party_beastmen_taurox)
    Taurox’s latest rampage has led him on a stampede through Naggaroth to Clar Karond, where begin his new Blood-grounds. The Beastmen came into being many thousands of years ago, when Chaos first burst into the world and all that was good and wholesome was washed away in a wave of tortured unreason. As Chaos flowed across the veils of space and time into the world at large, from the skies came pulsing comets of wyrdling stone that pounded the land as if the fists of the Gods themselves struck the earth. Huge chunks of solidified Chaos energy buried themselves inside massive craters of scorched earth. As the land was infected by the raw stuff of Chaos, its insidious taint worked outward into the fertile soil to be suckled upon by the roots of ancient trees and breathed in deeply by the beasts that populated those realms. Strange and terrible processes were enacted in that dank, boiling cauldron of fecundity – the primitives of the region and beasts of the forests were somehow mated, their terrible offspring born and mated again. Generation after generation came into being, indiscriminately reproducing and dying in an uncontrolled, rapid procession. Thus, the race of Beastmen was born. Willingly embracing their Ruinous heritage, they sport the basic intelligence of men combined with the base cunning of wild animals. The Beastmen lack even a shred of nobility and compassion, belonging utterly to the Dark Gods in both body and soul.

    There is perhaps no Cloven One in thrall to the Ruinous Powers as deeply as Taurox, the Brass Bull. Once a fearsome chieftain of the Minotaur tribes, Taurox’s path was forever changed when he devoured the head of an emissary of Chaos who had crawled into the mortal realm through one of Taurox’s slain rivals. He was immediately shaken with visions of the world awash with blood and afloat with corpses. Roaring and screaming in convulsion, he took up his axes and slayed every single one of his tribe. But he did not stop there. For a year and a day, Taurox raged across the lands in a blind rampage, killing every living thing he could find. Tribes of Beastmen, covens of witches, mercenary Ogres, Imperial patrols, proud Bretonnian Knights, two-headed Giants – all fell to Taurox’s boundless wrath. After slaughtering almost the entire population of the vale of Lietberg, he finally collapsed into the crimson stream of blood that flowed at his feet, his energies completely spent.

    But the Dark Ones had seen Taurox's rampage, and still had use for him. Under a scarlet moon, he was reborn with a body of shining metal, as the reward for his fell deeds committed in their Ruinous names. No more would he tire, just as no more would he have a moment’s respite from the rage which consumed him. So Taurox set off once more and began his slaughter anew. With turbulent visions sent to him by the Dark Gods as guidance, the Brass Bull will stop at nothing, until his foes can somehow find a way to put him the grave once and for all!

    Call of the Doombulls
    Spurred by Bloodgreed and driven by a deep-seated urge to destroy, few things can stand against the dread Minotaur Taurox and his warherd.
    Dread cost: +0% for increasing capacity of Minotaurs, Minotaurs (Shields), and Minotaurs (Great Weapons) units (-25.0000)
    Rampage: Maintaining Momentum from successive battle victories earns Taurox rewards and bonuses (1.0000)

Herdstones & Blood-Grounds: Raise Herdstones in settlements to create Blood-grounds to ravage, thus enhancing your warherd in the name of the Dark Gods.
Dread: Winning battles and completing objectives earns Dread to spend on expanding unit and Hero capacities, recruiting Legendary Lords, or other upgrades.
Aggressive unit roster with a variety of fast-moving beasts and monsters.

Faction Group

wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (0.0000)
Seductive influence: +0 required for complete seduction (50.0000)
Seductive influence: +0 per turn from race (-1.0000)
Bestial rage: +0 from animosity (-1.0000)
[HIDDEN] Building set used when a new Beastmen horde spawns (1.0000)
Battering rams: +0 per siege item constructed (1.0000)
Siege towers: +0 per siege item constructed (2.0000)
wh_dlc03_effect_technology_research_points_hidden (1.0000)
Upkeep: +0% for all units (-1000.0000)
Income from post-battle loot: +0% (10.0000)
Income from raiding: +0% (100.0000)
Income from razing settlements: +0% (10.0000)
Diplomatic relations: +0 with Warriors of Chaos (30.0000)
1 Beastlord
1 Beastlord (Razorgor Chariot)
Beastlord (Razorgor Chariot)
1 Khazrak the One-Eye
Khazrak the One-Eye
1 Khazrak the One-Eye (Razorgor Chariot)
Khazrak the One-Eye (Razorgor Chariot)
1 Malagor the Dark Omen
Malagor the Dark Omen
1 Morghur the Shadowgave
Morghur the Shadowgave
1 Doombull
1 Taurox the Brass Bull
Taurox the Brass Bull
1 Wargor
1 Wargor (Razorgor Chariot)
Wargor (Razorgor Chariot)
1 Wargor (Tuskgor Chariot)
Wargor (Tuskgor Chariot)
1 Bray-Shaman (Beasts)
Bray-Shaman (Beasts)
1 Bray-Shaman (Beasts) (Razorgor Chariot)
Bray-Shaman (Beasts) (Razorgor Chariot)
1 Bray-Shaman (Death)
Bray-Shaman (Death)
1 Bray-Shaman (Death) (Razorgor Chariot)
Bray-Shaman (Death) (Razorgor Chariot)
1 Bray-Shaman (Shadows)
Bray-Shaman (Shadows)
1 Bray-Shaman (Shadows) (Razorgor Chariot)
Bray-Shaman (Shadows) (Razorgor Chariot)
1 Bray-Shaman (Wild)
Bray-Shaman (Wild)
1 Bray-Shaman (Wild) (Razorgor Chariot)
Bray-Shaman (Wild) (Razorgor Chariot)
1 Gorebull
120 Gor Herd
Gor Herd
120 Gor Herd (Shields)
Gor Herd (Shields)
160 Ungor Herd
Ungor Herd
160 Ungor Spearmen Herd
Ungor Spearmen Herd
100 Bestigor Herd
Bestigor Herd
160 Ungor Spearmen Herd (Shields)
Ungor Spearmen Herd (Shields)
100 Khorrok's Manrippers (Bestigor Herd)
Khorrok's Manrippers (Bestigor Herd)
120 Black-Horn's Ravagers (Gor Herd - Shields)
Black-Horn's Ravagers (Gor Herd - Shields)
160 Destroyers of the Drakwald (Ungor Spearmen Herd - Shields)
Destroyers of the Drakwald (Ungor Spearmen Herd - Shields)
Missile Infantry
120 Ungor Raiders
Ungor Raiders
Cavalry & Chariots
4 Tuskgor Chariots
Tuskgor Chariots
4 Razorgor Chariots
Razorgor Chariots
60 Centigors
60 Centigors (Great Weapons)
Centigors (Great Weapons)
60 Sons of Ghorros (Centigors - Great Weapons)
Sons of Ghorros (Centigors - Great Weapons)
Missile Cavalry & Chariots
60 Groghooves of Wolf's Run (Centigors - Throwing Axes)
Groghooves of Wolf's Run (Centigors - Throwing Axes)
60 Centigors (Throwing Axes)
Centigors (Throwing Axes)
Monsters & Beasts
80 Chaos Warhounds (Poison)
Chaos Warhounds (Poison)
1 Cygor
16 Minotaurs
16 Minotaurs (Shields)
Minotaurs (Shields)
16 Minotaurs (Great Weapons)
Minotaurs (Great Weapons)
1 Ghorgon
32 Razorgor Herd
Razorgor Herd
1 The Bloodbrute Behemoth (Ghorgon)
The Bloodbrute Behemoth (Ghorgon)
1 Jabberslythe
1 The Vorbergland Broodmother (Jabberslythe)
The Vorbergland Broodmother (Jabberslythe)
1 Feral Manticore
Feral Manticore
16 Chaos Spawn
Chaos Spawn
1 Giant
80 Chaos Warhounds
Chaos Warhounds
60 Harpies
1 The Eye of Morrslieb (Cygor)
The Eye of Morrslieb (Cygor)
16 Butchers of Kalkengard (Minotaurs - Shields)
Butchers of Kalkengard (Minotaurs - Shields)