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Disciples of the Maw The Realm of Chaos

Disciples of the Maw

Ogres are a race of large humanoids, tough, vicious and always hungry. Semi-nomadic in nature, wandering Ogre tribes can be found wrecking their way across the known world, yet no matter how far away they may be, all Ogres consider the scattered tribal kingdoms that dominate the slopes and river valleys of the Mountains of Mourn to be their rightful, hard-earned homeland.

They fight as thugs, bandits and mercenaries, picking on the strong and the weak alike, battling mighty foes and powerful kingdoms thousands of leagues away. They do this for the alluring promise of gold, plunder and, most importantly, meat, for their endless destruction and looting serves only to appease their gluttonous appetites and their ever-hungry god, the Great Maw.

Disciples of the Maw
Disciples of the Maw

Faction Name

Disciples of the Maw







Military Group


Faction Group


Faction Group Name

Ogre Kingdoms

  • (wh3_main_political_party_chaos_ogr_goldtooth)

    Tradelord Greasus Tribestealer Drakecrush Gatecrasher Hoardmaster Goldtooth the Shockingly Obese
    Greasus Goldtooth is the fattest and most powerful Ogre Tyrant within the entire Ogre Kingdoms and holds the current title of Overtyrant, the Tyrant of all Ogre Tyrants.
    Unit mass: +0% (25.0000)
    Diplomatic relations: +0 with Ogre Kingdoms (20.0000)
    Income from trade tariffs: +0% (50.0000)
  • (wh3_main_political_party_ogr_disciples_of_the_maw)
    Driven by visions of the Great Maw, Skrag has encamped in Karak Angazhar and roams the Border Princes seeking to feed his insatiable appetites for war and meat.

    Prophet of the Great Maw
    Dragging his massive meat-pot behind him, Skrag the Slaughterer hacks and rips at his enemies in a glorious blood-fuelled dedication to the Great Maw.
    Hero capacity: +0 for Butchers (1.0000)
    Hero recruit rank: +0 for Butchers (2.0000)
    Campaign movement range: +0% (10.0000)

Camps: Deploy camps to create a forward base, constructing buildings and recruiting units from them.
Meat: Each army is sustained by Meat. Source it from fighting battles and being near camps.
Contracts: Factions will issue you contracts, fulfil them to increase your standing.

Faction Group

wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (9999.0000)
Army ability: "Stoneshaker" during siege battles (1.0000)
[HIDDEN] Building set used when a new Ogre Camp spawns (1.0000)
1 Greasus Goldtooth
Greasus Goldtooth
1 Skrag the Slaughterer
Skrag the Slaughterer
1 Slaughtermaster (Beasts)
Slaughtermaster (Beasts)
1 Slaughtermaster (Great Maw)
Slaughtermaster (Great Maw)
1 Tyrant
1 Butcher (Beasts)
Butcher (Beasts)
1 Butcher (Great Maw)
Butcher (Great Maw)
1 Firebelly
1 Hunter
1 Hunter (Stonehorn)
Hunter (Stonehorn)
160 Gnoblars
Missile Infantry
160 Gnoblar Trappers
Gnoblar Trappers
Cavalry & Chariots
12 Mournfang Cavalry
Mournfang Cavalry
12 Mournfang Cavalry (Ironfists)
Mournfang Cavalry (Ironfists)
12 Mournfang Cavalry (Great Weapons)
Mournfang Cavalry (Great Weapons)
12 Crushers (Ironfist)
Crushers (Ironfist)
12 Crushers (Great Weapons)
Crushers (Great Weapons)
12 Sky-Striders (Crushers - Great Weapons)
Sky-Striders (Crushers - Great Weapons)
Monsters & Beasts
24 Ogre Bulls
Ogre Bulls
32 Sabretusk Pack
Sabretusk Pack
24 Ogre Bulls (Dual Weapons)
Ogre Bulls (Dual Weapons)
24 Ogre Bulls (Ironfists)
Ogre Bulls (Ironfists)
16 Ironguts
12 Gorgers
16 Maneaters
16 Maneaters (Ironfists)
Maneaters (Ironfists)
16 Maneaters (Great Weapons)
Maneaters (Great Weapons)
1 Giant
1 Stonehorn
1 The Snowhorn of Mourn (Stonehorn)
The Snowhorn of Mourn (Stonehorn)
Missile Monsters & Beasts
16 Leadbelchers
16 Maneaters (Ogre Pistol)
Maneaters (Ogre Pistol)
16 Powder-Guts (Maneaters – Ogre Pistols)
Powder-Guts (Maneaters – Ogre Pistols)
1 Stonehorn (Harpoon Launcher)
Stonehorn (Harpoon Launcher)
Artillery & War Machines
1 Gnoblar Scraplauncher
Gnoblar Scraplauncher
1 Ironblaster