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Followers of Nagash Immortal Empires

Followers of Nagash

Nehekhara once stood as a shining beacon of civilisation and human achievement. But this great realm was destroyed through acts of great treachery and powerful sorcery. The living of Nehekhara perished in a single, mournful night, and in their absence, the dead stirred from their graves and claimed the land anew.

Even as their ancient civilisation now lies buried beneath the sand, the Tomb Kings have once more awoken from their deep sleep. Rising from their sarcophagi, the mummified rulers of Nehekhara have returned to reclaim that which is rightfully theirs, their legions innumerable, brandishing weapons of polished bronze and priceless gold. Ancient, emotionless and spiteful to all those who have slighted them, woe betide those foolish enough to stand before their silent onslaught.

Followers of Nagash
Followers of Nagash

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Followers of Nagash







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Faction Group


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Tomb Kings

  • (wh2_dlc09_political_party_tmb_arkhan)
    In Araby's Land of Assassins, Arkhan the Black commences with his millennia-long ambition to deliver his empire of Undeath. In the Land of the Dead, no name is more hated than Nagash the Arch-Necromancer, architect of Nehekhara’s downfall. It was he that cast a great ritual and brought all the dead back to Unlife ahead of the promised Day of Awakening. Centuries before this epochal moment, he had ruled Khemri, stealing the kingship from his younger brother.

    Arkhan was the most loyal of Nagash’s followers, pivotal in the coup that brought the nascent Necromancer to power. After his lord, Arkhan was the first to imbibe the Elixir of Life, thereby transitioning from mere mortal to Unliving immortal. For decades, Arkhan remained staunchly loyal to Nagash; a great warrior and general, he was also an accomplished student of dark sorcery thanks to his master's teachings. After fifty years of rule, the other cities of Nehekhara revolted against Nagash – desperate to end his malicious reign. The Army of the Seven Kings besieged Khemri, and Nagash was forced to retreat. Arkhan held back the allied Priest Kings’ legions through feats both martial and arcane. He finally fell, not to some hero’s blade but an ordinary spear thrown by a nameless soldier. By his dying breath he cursed both the spear and any that desecrated his corpse.

    Nagash has returned to enact vengeance on Nehekhara several times over the centuries. One of the Arch-Necromancer's first acts was to resurrect his faithful lieutenant. And so Arkhan the Black, the Liche King, rose from the dead, as loyal as always and a key figure in Nagash’s many machinations. In an age of comets and new empires, Nagash remains adrift from the world… for the moment. But he is very much active. Arkhan's Black Tower a beacon for those who worship the Arch-Necromancer as a god-in-waiting. Naturally, his greatest rival – everyone's greatest rival no less – is Settra the Imperishable. The two have fought dozens of times; although Arkhan’s forces cannot rival Settra’s legions, neither can the Imperishable overcome the Liche King’s dark sorcery. Thus, their wars end in stalemate, and only when Arkhan utters false promises of fealty does Settra return satisfied to Khemri. Such false servitude cannot – will not – last, for while there is still a chance to resurrect Nagash, his loyal servant will take it.

    Arkhan the Black is the first and most loyal of the evil Nagash's followers. Arkhan helped lead the coup which brought the arch-necromancer to power, and he was the first, after his lord, to imbibe the Elixir of Life.
    Enables recruitment of certain enhanced Vampire Count units (1.0000)
    Army capacity: +0 (1.0000)
    Diplomatic relations: +0 with Tomb Kings (-50.0000)
    Diplomatic relations: +0 with Vampire Coast and Vampire Counts (60.0000)

Mortuary Cult: Collect valuable trading goods and combine them with Canopic Jars to craft magic items and Legions of Legend.
Dynasties: Learn from the dynasties of the past to awaken ancient Tomb Kings, unlocking new armies and Heroes to command.
Realm of Souls: Tomb Kings use incantations in the forms of replenishment and summoning: bringing the dead back to life should enough souls of their own be lost in battle.

Faction Group

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Tomb Prince (1.0000)
Unlocks Hero recruitment: Necrotect (1.0000)
Unlocks Hero recruitment: Liche Priest (1.0000)
wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (0.0000)
Battering rams: +0 per siege item constructed (1.0000)
Siege towers: +0 per siege item constructed (2.0000)
Hero capacity: +0 for all Heroes (-1.0000)
Lord recruitment cost: +0% (-1000.0000)
A second lord recruitment cost reducer to make the tomb kings free lord feature work when replacing lords. use at force. (-1000.0000)
wh2_main_effect_background_income_mod (-100.0000)
wh2_main_effect_tomb_king_realm_of_souls_army_abilities (1.0000)
Upkeep: +0% for all units (-1000.0000)
Hero recruitment cost: +0% (-1000.0000)
[HIDDEN - do not translate] Used to increase lord rank when replacing a lord (target the effect at forces factionwide) - use in conjunction with a shown effect that targets provinces factionwide (-1000.0000)
1 Liche Priest (Death)
Liche Priest (Death)
1 Liche Priest (Light)
Liche Priest (Light)
1 Liche Priest (Nehekhara)
Liche Priest (Nehekhara)
1 Liche Priest (Shadows)
Liche Priest (Shadows)
1 Necrotect
1 Tomb Prince
Tomb Prince
160 Skeleton Spearmen
Skeleton Spearmen
160 King Nekhesh's Scorpion Legion (Skeleton Spearmen)
King Nekhesh's Scorpion Legion (Skeleton Spearmen)
160 Skeleton Warriors
Skeleton Warriors
120 Tomb Guard
Tomb Guard
120 Tomb Guard (Halberds)
Tomb Guard (Halberds)
120 The Khepra Guard (Tomb Guard)
The Khepra Guard (Tomb Guard)
120 Crypt Ghouls
Crypt Ghouls
120 Nehekhara Warriors
Nehekhara Warriors
Missile Infantry
120 Skeleton Archers
Skeleton Archers
120 Blessed Legion of Phakth (Skeleton Archers)
Blessed Legion of Phakth (Skeleton Archers)
Cavalry & Chariots
60 Hexwraiths
60 Nehekhara Horsemen
Nehekhara Horsemen
60 Skeleton Horsemen
Skeleton Horsemen
12 Skeleton Chariots
Skeleton Chariots
Missile Cavalry & Chariots
12 Skeleton Archer Chariots
Skeleton Archer Chariots
60 Skeleton Horse Archers
Skeleton Horse Archers
Monsters & Beasts
24 Carrion
80 Dire Wolves
Dire Wolves
60 Fell Bats
Fell Bats
1 Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion
16 Ushabti
12 Ushabti (Great Bow)
Ushabti (Great Bow)
24 Necropolis Knights
Necropolis Knights
12 Chosen of the Gods (Ushabti - Great Bow)
Chosen of the Gods (Ushabti - Great Bow)
24 Necropolis Knights (Halberds)
Necropolis Knights (Halberds)
4 Khemrian Warsphinx
Khemrian Warsphinx
1 Bone Giant
Bone Giant
1 Hierotitan
1 Necrosphinx
1 The Sphinx of Usekph (Necrosphinx)
The Sphinx of Usekph (Necrosphinx)
16 Sepulchral Stalkers
Sepulchral Stalkers
16 Eyes of the Desert (Sepulchral Stalkers)
Eyes of the Desert (Sepulchral Stalkers)
Artillery & War Machines
1 Casket of Souls
Casket of Souls
4 Screaming Skull Catapults
Screaming Skull Catapults