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Dwarfs are a proud, bearded folk who are quick to temper, often defined by a love of gems, gold and other precious metals. With their Dwarfholds established across the Old World, the Dawi – as they call themselves in Khazalid – prospered for many generations until their realm was riven by a chain of devastating conflicts and earthquakes.

In recent times, the Dwarfs are a race barely holding onto glories past, with only a few strongholds remaining in their hands and the rest lost to enemies or abandoned to the elements. To this day the Dawi still fight; their ultimate goal is to restore the 'Karaz Ankor' and they have the means to do it with fearsome throngs of warriors and the most advanced weaponry in the Old World.


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  • (wh_main_political_party_dwarf_ruler)
    High King Thorgrim continues his Age of Reckoning, setting out to crush those with unanswered transgressions starting with those in the shadow of Everpeak itself. Thorgrim Grudgebearer is the current High King of the Dwarfs. He is a throwback to the High Kings of old - eager for new conquests, mighty in battle, and a merciless enemy. Yet upon his worn brow, there also sits great wisdom, and he is able to uphold the ancient traditions as well as to accept (if not embrace) needed changes, such as alliances and new technology. Thorgrim is forever brooding upon how to return his people to their former glory. As the ultimate ruler of the Dwarfs, the Great Book of Grudges is entrusted into his keeping. It is Thorgrim’s avowed wish to avenge every single entry contained in that voluminous tome. Such is his resolve that he has already rejuvenated the Karaz Ankor. Tales of his deeds, and the long list of grudges already struck out, fill his grim warriors with the feeling that the Dwarfs have long done without: hope. A new age of retribution has begun.

    Age of Retribution
    Thorgrim Grudgebearer is the current High King of the Dwarfs. He is a throwback to the High Kings of old - eager for new conquests, mighty in battle, and a merciless enemy.
    Chance to receive additional random rewards for every Grudge resolved (1.0000)
    All commandments have more powerful effects (1.0000)
    Venerate the Ancestors commandment: additional 0 corruption reduction (-5.0000)
    Empower the Guilds commandment: additional 0 growth (10.0000)
    High King's Tribute commandment: additional 0% income (5.0000)
    Masters of Steel and Stone commandment: additional 0% to recruitment cost (-15.0000)
    Recruit rank: +0 for Hammerers units (3.0000)
    Upkeep: +0% for Longbeards and Hammerers units (-15.0000)
    Diplomatic relations: +0 with Dwarfs (20.0000)

Grudges: Scores against the Dwarfs must be settled by any and all means necessary to keep order.
The Underway: Dwarfs can use underground tunnels to avoid impassable terrain and enemy forces.
Roster of heavily-armoured units with strong leadership and a variety of deadly war machines.

Faction Group

wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (9999.0000)
wh_main_effect_character_mod_ancillary_drop_hidden (-25.0000)
Income from post-battle loot: +0% (-75.0000)
Battering rams: +0 per siege item constructed (1.0000)
Siege towers: +0 per siege item constructed (2.0000)
1 Thorgrim Grudgebearer
Thorgrim Grudgebearer
1 Lord
1 Ungrim Ironfist
Ungrim Ironfist
1 Master Engineer
Master Engineer
1 Runesmith
1 Thane
100 Miners
100 Miners (Blasting Charges)
Miners (Blasting Charges)
100 Dwarf Warriors
Dwarf Warriors
100 Dwarf Warriors (Great Weapons)
Dwarf Warriors (Great Weapons)
100 Longbeards
100 Longbeards (Great Weapons)
Longbeards (Great Weapons)
80 Slayers
80 Giant Slayers
Giant Slayers
100 Hammerers
100 Ironbreakers
80 Dragonback Slayers (Slayers)
Dragonback Slayers (Slayers)
100 Ekrund Miners (Miners - Blasting Charges)
Ekrund Miners (Miners - Blasting Charges)
120 Norgrimlings Ironbreakers (Ironbreakers)
Norgrimlings Ironbreakers (Ironbreakers)
100 The Grumbling Guard (Longbeards - Great Weapons)
The Grumbling Guard (Longbeards - Great Weapons)
100 Peak Gate Guard (Hammerers)
Peak Gate Guard (Hammerers)
100 Warriors of Dragonfire Pass (Dwarf Warriors)
Warriors of Dragonfire Pass (Dwarf Warriors)
Missile Infantry
80 Rangers
80 Quarrellers
80 Quarrellers (Great Weapons)
Quarrellers (Great Weapons)
80 Rangers (Great Weapons)
Rangers (Great Weapons)
28 Irondrakes
80 Thunderers
80 Bugman's Rangers
Bugman's Rangers
28 Irondrakes (Trollhammer Torpedo)
Irondrakes (Trollhammer Torpedo)
28 The Skolder Guard (Irondrakes)
The Skolder Guard (Irondrakes)
80 Ulthar's Raiders (Rangers - Great Weapons)
Ulthar's Raiders (Rangers - Great Weapons)
Flying War Machines
4 Gyrocopter
4 Gyrocopter (Brimstone Gun)
Gyrocopter (Brimstone Gun)
1 Gyrobomber
1 Skyhammer (Gyrobomber)
Skyhammer (Gyrobomber)
Artillery & War Machines
4 Bolt Throwers
Bolt Throwers
4 Grudge Throwers
Grudge Throwers
4 Cannons
4 Organ Guns
Organ Guns
4 Flame Cannons
Flame Cannons
4 Gob-Lobbers (Grudge Throwers)
Gob-Lobbers (Grudge Throwers)