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The Drowned Immortal Empires

The Drowned

The origins of the Undead pirates said to ravage the coasts of Lustria are steeped in mystery. Legend has it that a Norscan longship took on a precious cargo during a raid – an ancient coffin containing, unbeknownst to the crew, the Vampire Luthor Harkon. When the vessel floundered off the Volcanic Islands, the drowned crew were raised as zombies through the Vampire's Dark Magic.

The stretch of coastline known as the Vampire Coast has become infamous amongst seafarers, with countless ships wrecked and raised up from the depths to bolster the fleets of the Unliving. Luthor was but the first. In the years since, more Undead pirates ply the seas for bounty and fresh crews.

The Drowned
The Drowned

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The Drowned







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Faction Group


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Vampire Coast

  • (wh2_dlc11_political_party_cst_the_drowned_ruler)
    Cylostra has washed ashore at the Twisted Glade in Naggaroth seeking out new audiences for her siren's song.  Cylostra Direfin is the vengeful spirit who commands the Lamprey, a cursed ship of rotten wood and tattered sails that oft appears out of the raging tempests of the open sea. Many decades ago, Cylostra was the favourite court singer of Bretonnian royalty, a prima donna of considerable size and with the proverbial ‘artistic temperament’ in spades, who never accepted anything less than having things all her own way. Her great volatility and intimidating demeanour meant that no-one ever dared refuse her demands.

    Unfortunately for both Cylostra and ultimately the world, she was a passenger aboard the Lamprey during an important diplomatic voyage to perform for the Phoenix King. Amid a gale of truly epic proportions, the Bretonnian galleon went down in a violent electrical storm, drowning everyone on board, but as the legend goes, Cylostra had already usurped the ship’s meek captain before it sank, simply for daring to delay her performance by attempting to circumvent the dangerous weather! In a fit of rage, and demonstrating a near-unnatural physical strength born of her passion for music, she threw him overboard in what was, up to that point in her life, an uncharacteristic act of cold-blooded murder. Ordering the subjugated crew to keep the ship on course directly into the storm, Cylostra’s delusions of grandeur even made her believe that she could demand safe passage from the tempest itself by singing determinedly over the howling gales. Sadly, for her, the elements cannot so easily be tamed. As the Lamprey sank down beneath the waves, her futile, pitch-perfect notes turned to shrill, gurgled screaming.

    Under normal circumstances, that would’ve been the end for most beings, but Cylostra’s bloated ego refused Morr’s embrace and she rose again in the ultimate act of diva-like defiance. Now, her tortured soul roams the seas, eternally searching for an appreciative audience. Those who know the legend of the ‘Siren of the Storm’ flee in terror at the sight of her ghostly, barnacle-strewn galleon, for it is said that when it appears with Cylostra singing upon its bow like a dreadful, Unliving figurehead, her songs of death paralyse all those unfortunate enough to hear them before her Undead crew – whom she refers to rather theatrically as ‘The Drowned’ – appear to drag them down into a watery grave, before they are raised again to join the Madame-Captain’s ratings for a life of unfettered piracy and murder!

    Mistress of the Deep
    Cylostra’s performance for the Phoenix King would have been her greatest achievement, but it was cruelly snatched from her grasp by the cold depths of the Great Ocean. Now she has returned. No longer constrained by mortal bonds, her sole purpose is to perform – to show the world she is the greatest prima donna to ever have lived and died!
    Recruitment cost: +0% for Syreen and Mourngul units (-20.0000)
    Upkeep: +0% for Syreen and Mourngul units (-20.0000)
    Loyalty: +0 for new recruits (2.0000)

Infamy & Loyalty: Destroy, sack and raid to build a reputation at sea, whilst keeping ambitious commanders loyal and trustworthy by imparting riches and wealth to them.
Pirate Coves: Gain Infamy and leech wealth from unsuspecting settlement owners where these hideouts have been formed.
Extra Powder: Boosts the firepower missile units can output in battle while they have high levels of ammunition at their disposal.

Faction Group

wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (9999.0000)
[HIDDEN] Building set used when a new Vampire Coast horde spawns (1.0000)
Battering rams: +0 per siege item constructed (1.0000)
Siege towers: +0 per siege item constructed (2.0000)
Sea Lanes journey duration: +0 turns (-1.0000)
Underworld Sea travel time: +0 (-1.0000)
Income from post-battle loot: +0% (-50.0000)
1 Gunnery Wight
Gunnery Wight
1 Mourngul Haunter
Mourngul Haunter
1 Vampire Fleet Captain (Vampires)
Vampire Fleet Captain (Vampires)
160 Zombie Pirate Deckhands Mob
Zombie Pirate Deckhands Mob
160 Zombie Pirate Deckhands Mob (Polearms)
Zombie Pirate Deckhands Mob (Polearms)
60 Syreens
60 Depth Guard
Depth Guard
60 Depth Guard (Polearms)
Depth Guard (Polearms)
Missile Infantry
120 Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob
Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob
120 Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob (Bombers)
Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob (Bombers)
120 Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob (Handguns)
Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob (Handguns)
120 Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob (Hand Cannons)
Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob (Hand Cannons)
32 Deck Gunners
Deck Gunners
Monsters & Beasts
60 Fell Bats
Fell Bats
1 Bloated Corpse
Bloated Corpse
80 Scurvy Dogs
Scurvy Dogs
16 Animated Hulks
Animated Hulks
16 Mournguls
12 Rotting Prometheans
Rotting Prometheans
5 Rotting Leviathan
Rotting Leviathan
1 Death Shriek Terrorgheist
Death Shriek Terrorgheist
Missile Monsters & Beasts
24 Deck Droppers
Deck Droppers
24 Deck Droppers (Bombers)
Deck Droppers (Bombers)
24 Deck Droppers (Handguns)
Deck Droppers (Handguns)
24 Rotting Prometheans Gunnery Mob
Rotting Prometheans Gunnery Mob
5 Necrofex Colossus
Necrofex Colossus
Artillery & War Machines
4 Mortars
4 Carronades