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Von Carstein Immortal Empires

Von Carstein

Long ago, Queen Neferata stole the secrets of eternal life from Nagash. The elixir she created was flawed, bestowing immortality but at great cost. And so the Vampires were created and they have been a plague upon the living ever since.

Millennia later, the darkling figure of Vlad von Carstein arrived in Sylvania – before long, the region's destitute nobility were in his thrall and the von Carstein bloodline was born. Every few centuries, a von Carstein would take the reins of power and strike out against mortals at the head of an Unliving army of zombies, wraths, Necromancers and other abyssal monstrosities .

The Empire has thwarted such legions before, but the dead have never rested easily in Sylvania and now they lurch from their graves, summoned to Unlife by the Midnight Aristocracy as each prepares to challenge mankind once more.

Von Carstein
Von Carstein

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Von Carstein







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Vampire Counts

  • (wh_pro02_political_party_vlad_ruler)
    Vlad has returned home to his rightful seat at Castle Drakenhof to rule over Sylvania with his wife Isabella at his side. The first and greatest of the Vampire Counts was Vlad von Carstein. Some say before his appearance in Sylvania over 700 years ago, he was in the Lahmian court at the time of Neferata’s ascendancy to immortality. Others believe him to be a dispossessed Empire noble who stumbled into Undeath but refused the damnation fate had placed upon him. Instead of withering, he set in motion events that would see the Vampire Counts - and the von Carstein name - challenge the greatest nation of men in the world.

    Vlad was not the first Vampire encountered by the Empire, but before his rise to power these Undead creatures had been solitary predators. A few had perhaps amassed small forces and carved out far-flung domains, but it was Vlad’s usurpation of Sylvania and legitimate gaining of the title of Count that marked a new era of bloodshed. When he revealed his true intentions to the rest of the Empire, two hundred years after his arrival in that cursed region, he waged war in order to become Emperor - for he truly believed he had a legitimate claim to the throne. It has since become a burning desire of all his bloodline, who feel - righteously or not - that they should become Emperor, for is it not right that the farmer herds the cattle? Vlad has been thwarted in his quest on a few occasions, but has always managed to find a way back to Unlife. Now he has risen yet again – and his desire to conquer the mortal fools is as strong as ever!

    The Dark Kiss
    Vlad von Carstein is the first and greatest of the Vampire Counts of Sylvania. A master swordsman and skilled general with no small aptitude in the magical arts.
    Start with 0 Blood Kiss (1.0000)
    Starts with Isabella von Carstein as a Legendary Hero (1.0000)
    Campaign movement range: +0% (10.0000)
    Access to unique building in Castle Drakenhof (1.0000)
  • (wh_pro02_political_party_vampire_isabella)
    Isabella has returned home to her rightful seat at Castle Drakenhof to rule over Sylvania with her husband Vlad at her side. Hurriedly married to the dark stranger Vlad by her father, ‘Mad Otto’, in order to avoid the ascent of her depraved Uncle Leopold, Isabella soon became a von Carstein far more than in name alone. Already narcissistic, prideful, and immoral in the extreme, the heir to Sylvania’s throne was, in so many ways, an ideal candidate for the Blood Kiss. To any other suitor, they would have been abhorrent, deal-breaking qualities, but not so Vlad von Carstein.

    For Isabella, the marriage was at first purely one of convenience, but as the months passed her natural resistance to his charms caused Vlad to fall deeply in love with his pale bride and she for him. Although he tried to resist her requests to taste the Blood Kiss, to be made Unliving, the terrible, wasting disease that threatened to kill his coldly-beautiful new wife forced his hand. Realising that he could not continue without her, Vlad gave the dying Isabella what she desired and inducted her into the Midnight Aristocracy’s nefarious ranks.

    Ever since then, the pair have been together – Isabella standing proudly by Vlad’s side, nourishing his lust for power and dominion over the Empire and beyond. On the field of battle, when fighting alongside her husband, she is strengthened by his presence and he by hers. Oft-times, Isabella von Carstein carries the Blood Chalice of Bathori before her, a goblet of gold that belonged to her bloodthirsty ancestor, brimming with fresh blood at all times. She sups it constantly, even in the cut and thrust of the fray – the blood healing her wounds almost instantly and confounding her opponents just long enough for the killing blow to be struck!

    Beloved in Death
    Daughter of the mad Count Otto von Drak, Isabella is much like many of her noble counterparts: she is vain, immoral and selfish, and cares little for anything that does not affect her personal comfort or standing.
    Start with 0 Blood Kiss (1.0000)
    Starts with Vlad von Carstein as a Legendary Hero (1.0000)
    Hero capacity: +0 for Vampires (3.0000)
    Weapon strength: +0% for embedded Vampire Heroes (25.0000)
    Access to unique building in Castle Drakenhof (1.0000)

Beloved in Death: Vlad & Isabella have improved battle prowess when reinforcing each other.
Raise Dead: New units can be raised from among the dead; famous battle sites improve the quality and quantity of the troops available.
Varied unit roster with flying units, monsters and expendable Undead troops.

Faction Group

wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (9999.0000)
Income from post-battle loot: +0% (-50.0000)
Battering rams: +0 per siege item constructed (1.0000)
Siege towers: +0 per siege item constructed (2.0000)
1 Heinrich Kemmler (Barded Nightmare)
Heinrich Kemmler (Barded Nightmare)
1 Heinrich Kemmler
Heinrich Kemmler
1 Mannfred von Carstein
Mannfred von Carstein
1 Mannfred von Carstein (Hellsteed)
Mannfred von Carstein (Hellsteed)
1 Mannfred von Carstein (Zombie Dragon)
Mannfred von Carstein (Zombie Dragon)
1 Mannfred von Carstein (Barded Nightmare)
Mannfred von Carstein (Barded Nightmare)
1 Master Necromancer
Master Necromancer
1 Master Necromancer (Hellsteed)
Master Necromancer (Hellsteed)
1 Master Necromancer (Barded Nightmare)
Master Necromancer (Barded Nightmare)
1 Vampire Lord
Vampire Lord
1 Vampire Lord (Hellsteed)
Vampire Lord (Hellsteed)
1 Vampire Lord (Zombie Dragon)
Vampire Lord (Zombie Dragon)
1 Vampire Lord (Barded Nightmare)
Vampire Lord (Barded Nightmare)
1 Vampire (Shadows)
Vampire (Shadows)
1 Vampire (Shadows) (Barded Nightmare)
Vampire (Shadows) (Barded Nightmare)
1 Vampire (Shadows) (Hellsteed)
Vampire (Shadows) (Hellsteed)
1 Banshee
1 Necromancer
1 Necromancer (Nightmare)
Necromancer (Nightmare)
1 Vampire (Death)
Vampire (Death)
1 Vampire (Death) (Barded Nightmare)
Vampire (Death) (Barded Nightmare)
1 Vampire (Death) (Hellsteed)
Vampire (Death) (Hellsteed)
1 Wight King
Wight King
1 Wight King (Skeletal Steed)
Wight King (Skeletal Steed)
1 Wight King (Barded Skeletal Steed)
Wight King (Barded Skeletal Steed)
160 Zombies
200 The Tithe (Zombies)
The Tithe (Zombies)
160 Skeleton Warriors
Skeleton Warriors
160 Skeleton Spearmen
Skeleton Spearmen
160 The Konigstein Stalkers (Skeleton Warriors)
The Konigstein Stalkers (Skeleton Warriors)
120 Crypt Ghouls
Crypt Ghouls
120 The Feasters in the Dusk (Crypt Ghouls)
The Feasters in the Dusk (Crypt Ghouls)
60 Cairn Wraiths
Cairn Wraiths
120 Grave Guard
Grave Guard
120 Grave Guard (Great Weapons)
Grave Guard (Great Weapons)
120 The Sternsmen (Grave Guard)
The Sternsmen (Grave Guard)
Cavalry & Chariots
60 Black Knights
Black Knights
60 Black Knights (Lances & Barding)
Black Knights (Lances & Barding)
60 Verek's Reavers (Black Knights - Lances & Barding)
Verek's Reavers (Black Knights - Lances & Barding)
60 Hexwraiths
60 Blood Knights
Blood Knights
60 The Chillgheists (Hexwraiths)
The Chillgheists (Hexwraiths)
Monsters & Beasts
60 Fell Bats
Fell Bats
80 Dire Wolves
Dire Wolves
80 The Direpack (Dire Wolves)
The Direpack (Dire Wolves)
16 Crypt Horrors
Crypt Horrors
16 Mournguls
16 Vargheists
16 The Devils of Swartzhafen (Vargheists)
The Devils of Swartzhafen (Vargheists)
1 Varghulf
1 Terrorgheist
Artillery & War Machines
1 Corpse Cart
Corpse Cart
1 Corpse Cart (Balefire)
Corpse Cart (Balefire)
1 Corpse Cart (Unholy Lodestone)
Corpse Cart (Unholy Lodestone)
1 Black Coach
Black Coach
1 Mortis Engine
Mortis Engine
1 The Claw of Nagash (Mortis Engine)
The Claw of Nagash (Mortis Engine)