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Exiles of Nehek Immortal Empires

Exiles of Nehek

Nehekhara once stood as a shining beacon of civilisation and human achievement. But this great realm was destroyed through acts of great treachery and powerful sorcery. The living of Nehekhara perished in a single, mournful night, and in their absence, the dead stirred from their graves and claimed the land anew.

Even as their ancient civilisation now lies buried beneath the sand, the Tomb Kings have once more awoken from their deep sleep. Rising from their sarcophagi, the mummified rulers of Nehekhara have returned to reclaim that which is rightfully theirs, their legions innumerable, brandishing weapons of polished bronze and priceless gold. Ancient, emotionless and spiteful to all those who have slighted them, woe betide those foolish enough to stand before their silent onslaught.

Exiles of Nehek
Exiles of Nehek

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Exiles of Nehek







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Faction Group


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Tomb Kings

  • (wh2_dlc09_political_party_tmb_khatep)
    Amongst the Red Desert dunes on Naggaroth’s western coast, Grand Hierophant Khatep begins fulfilling his ambition to bring about the fabled Day of Awakening. Even when they lived, the Tomb Kings of Nehekhara – or Priest Kings as they were – were obsessed with death. It infuriated them that the gods had seen fit to only grant them just a few short decades upon the world to make their mark and none rankled under that knowledge more than the Great King Settra.

    Despite having conquered all Nehekhara and ensuring that much of Khemri was made in his image, Settra was obsessed with not just creating a legacy, but outliving it. And so he ordered the Mortuary Cult formed – its purpose to discover the ultimate secret: to cheat death. The Priesthood of the Mortuary Cult was led by Khatep, an extremely gifted and wise seer. It was Khatep who tended to Settra’s dying mortal form and promised the Great King that he would rise again on the Day of Awakening. As the years past, the hieratic cult’s quest for lore was partially successful. The priests themselves learnt how to sustain a form of Unlife, their spirits tethered to their desiccated bodies, yet the knowledge to bring back the kings as eternal demi-gods still lay beyond their grasp. However, they were undeterred and their search continued, all while serving their living kings as advisors and viziers. Thus, the Mortuary Cult spread across Nehekhara.

    The arrival of the Arch-Necromancer changed everything. Following the casting of Nagash’s Great Ritual, civil war threatened Nehekhara and Khatep took it upon himself to restore order. He broke open the seals to Settra’s Grand Pyramid, which caused the Great King to rise, filled with an unquenchable wrath. However, Settra had not risen as a beatific sovereign but as a ravaged mummy – this was not the Day of Awakening promised by the Mortuary Cult! Settra raged and banished Khatep from Khemri.

    To this day Khatep the Liche Lord remains the nominal head of the Mortuary Cult; since his exile he wanders the world, at first restricted to roaming Nehekhara's vast deserts, but of late he has travelled further afield, gathering followers and fellow exiles to seek out the lost lore he hopes will return the Lands of Nehek to glory and rehabilitate his reputation as their saviour!

    Liche Lord of Khemri
    Khatep is the Grand Hierophant of Khemri, the head of the Mortuary Cult's hieratic council, and he alone knows all its secrets and unwritten lore. Khatep is the oldest and wisest of all the Liche Priests and the first member of their order to truly deny death's embrace, if not the ravages of time.
    Hero capacity: +0 for Liche Priests (2.0000)
    Rite cost: +0% (-25.0000)
    Mortuary Cult crafting cost: +0% (-25.0000)

Mortuary Cult: Collect valuable trading goods and combine them with Canopic Jars to craft magic items and Legions of Legend.
Dynasties: Learn from the dynasties of the past to awaken ancient Tomb Kings, unlocking new armies and Heroes to command.
Realm of Souls: Tomb Kings use incantations in the forms of replenishment and summoning: bringing the dead back to life should enough souls of their own be lost in battle.

Faction Group

Unlocks Hero recruitment: Tomb Prince (1.0000)
Unlocks Hero recruitment: Necrotect (1.0000)
Unlocks Hero recruitment: Liche Priest (1.0000)
wh2_dlc09_effect_increase_army_capacity_hidden (0.0000)
Battering rams: +0 per siege item constructed (1.0000)
Siege towers: +0 per siege item constructed (2.0000)
Hero capacity: +0 for all Heroes (-1.0000)
Lord recruitment cost: +0% (-1000.0000)
A second lord recruitment cost reducer to make the tomb kings free lord feature work when replacing lords. use at force. (-1000.0000)
wh2_main_effect_background_income_mod (-100.0000)
wh2_main_effect_tomb_king_realm_of_souls_army_abilities (1.0000)
Upkeep: +0% for all units (-1000.0000)
Hero recruitment cost: +0% (-1000.0000)
[HIDDEN - do not translate] Used to increase lord rank when replacing a lord (target the effect at forces factionwide) - use in conjunction with a shown effect that targets provinces factionwide (-1000.0000)
1 Liche Priest (Death)
Liche Priest (Death)
1 Liche Priest (Light)
Liche Priest (Light)
1 Liche Priest (Nehekhara)
Liche Priest (Nehekhara)
1 Liche Priest (Shadows)
Liche Priest (Shadows)
1 Necrotect
1 Tomb Prince
Tomb Prince
160 Skeleton Spearmen
Skeleton Spearmen
160 King Nekhesh's Scorpion Legion (Skeleton Spearmen)
King Nekhesh's Scorpion Legion (Skeleton Spearmen)
160 Skeleton Warriors
Skeleton Warriors
120 Tomb Guard
Tomb Guard
120 Tomb Guard (Halberds)
Tomb Guard (Halberds)
120 The Khepra Guard (Tomb Guard)
The Khepra Guard (Tomb Guard)
120 Nehekhara Warriors
Nehekhara Warriors
Missile Infantry
120 Skeleton Archers
Skeleton Archers
120 Blessed Legion of Phakth (Skeleton Archers)
Blessed Legion of Phakth (Skeleton Archers)
Cavalry & Chariots
12 Skeleton Chariots
Skeleton Chariots
60 Nehekhara Horsemen
Nehekhara Horsemen
60 Skeleton Horsemen
Skeleton Horsemen
Missile Cavalry & Chariots
12 Skeleton Archer Chariots
Skeleton Archer Chariots
60 Skeleton Horse Archers
Skeleton Horse Archers
Monsters & Beasts
24 Carrion
4 Khemrian Warsphinx
Khemrian Warsphinx
24 Necropolis Knights
Necropolis Knights
24 Necropolis Knights (Halberds)
Necropolis Knights (Halberds)
1 Bone Giant
Bone Giant
1 Hierotitan
1 Necrosphinx
1 The Sphinx of Usekph (Necrosphinx)
The Sphinx of Usekph (Necrosphinx)
16 Sepulchral Stalkers
Sepulchral Stalkers
16 Eyes of the Desert (Sepulchral Stalkers)
Eyes of the Desert (Sepulchral Stalkers)
1 Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion
16 Ushabti
12 Ushabti (Great Bow)
Ushabti (Great Bow)
12 Chosen of the Gods (Ushabti - Great Bow)
Chosen of the Gods (Ushabti - Great Bow)
Artillery & War Machines
1 Casket of Souls
Casket of Souls
4 Screaming Skull Catapults
Screaming Skull Catapults