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Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Aorsoi (Imperator Augustus) Units

Melee Infantry

Frontline soldiers trained for hand-to-hand combat with their enemies.

Melee Infantry
No. Unit Sol. Costom Cost Recru. Cost Unkeep Cost Ship HP. Ship Spd. Msl. Dmg. Rng. Sht. /min Amo. Mle. Atk. Mle. Dmg. Chg. Mle. Def. Arm. HP. Mor.
160 Young Axes
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Ste_Young_Axes)
Young Axes
Youthful courage and desire for glory make up for any shortcomings in axe-skill.
160 190 190 50 28 26 14 51 15 45 25