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Proving Grounds Markamannoz (Imperator Augustus)Markamannoz (Imperator Augustus) Military Level 3

Proving Grounds

A warrior needs a weapon he can rely on.

Due to the tribal practice of making votive offerings to gods of rivers and waterways, many bronze artefacts have been discovered at the bottom of lakes and rivers all over Europe. The River Thames in London, England must have held particular significance to the local tribes as a number of bronze work pieces have been discovered on the bottom over the years. The Waterloo Helmet, a ceremonial piece with two horns, was discovered in 1868, and the Wandsworth and Battersea shields were also recovered from the river and now reside in the British Museum. Like the helmet, the Battersea Shield is thought to be a ceremonial piece as there is no evidence of damage and no sign that it was ever attached to a wooden base, which would have given it the strength it required to be battle ready.


Warrior Lodge
Warrior Lodge
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Meeting Ground
Meeting Ground
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Proving Grounds
Proving Grounds
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Hall of Champions
Hall of Champions
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Horse Pens
Horse Pens
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Horse Ranch
Military Level 3
Proving Grounds

Building Name

Proving Grounds

Level Name


Building Chain


Building Level


Create Time


Create Cost


Require Technology

Animal Imitation
Animal Imitation


+1 experience rank(s) for heavy infantry recruits (this_province)
+0.7% 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class (this_building)
-8% provincial income (building upkeep) (regions_in_this_province)

Provides Garrison Army

300 Germanic Warriors
300 Germanic Warriors
Germanic Warriors
Melee Infantry
200 Germanic  Axemen
Germanic Axemen
Melee Infantry

Recruitable Units

Recruitable Units Lv. 0
No. Unit Sol. Costom Cost Recru. Cost Unkeep Cost Ship HP. Ship Spd. Msl. Dmg. Rng. Sht. /min Amo. Mle. Atk. Mle. Dmg. Chg. Mle. Def. Arm. HP. Mor.
175 Khathubarthoz
Missile Infantry / Missile Infantry / (Ger_Bloodsworn)

Driven by oaths, and seeking glory, these men are terrible enemies to face.

175 394 394 12 80 6 5 33 11 13 54 1 20 45
300 Hildisvini
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Ger_Dreugulozez_Brunjadoi)
(Germanic Axemen)

These chosen men are relatively poor, but equipped with axes and useful for breaking enemy formations. They are strong and battle-hardened, thus very effective against any unit, even an armoured one. They are also fast and agile, perfect for flanking manoeuvers, or as the main shock infantry, followed by other warriors. The name literally means battlepig," as they are the metaphoric equivalents of the wild boar."

300 511 511 34 11 15 60 1 20 50
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Ger_early noble_swordsmen)

(Early Germanic Elite Swordsmen)

Armed with sturdy shields and swords, these men are the Germanic warrior elite. Professionals, they spend their time in the service of a chieftain or king, and fight for his glory and honour in battle. If necessary, it is expected that these men will give their lives for their leader. To leave a battlefield when their chief has fallen is the greatest dishonour for a Herunoudaz.

200 828 828 40 11 13 75 6 20 55
300 Kwadoz Dugunthiz
Melee Infantry / Spear Infantry / (Ger_Herthaganautoz)
Kwadoz Dugunthiz
(Proven Kwadoz Spearmen)

These proven spearmen from the Kwadoz tribe are renowned and well-trained, although poor and less-well equipped than those of other tribes. They use heavy spears, not metal-tipped, more to block the enemy, than to attack them. They rely upon their iron-tipped javelins. Their reputation comes from their open-battle abilities, using similar tactics to the Celts, rather than the guerrilla warfare common to most Germanic peoples.

300 429 429 28 9 10 52 1 20 35
200 Niwjaz Herunoudozez
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Ger_late_noble_swordsmen)
Niwjaz Herunoudozez
(Late Germanic Elite Swordsmen)

The late Herunoudozez are much better equipped compared to their predecessors. Their oval, rectangular or hexagonal shields are reinforced with a metal shield rim. Finally, some of these warriors have Celtic or Roman mail-shirts and helmets acquired by trade, or less peaceful means. If necessary, it is expected that these men will give their lives for their leader. To leave a battlefield when their chief has fallen is the greatest dishonour for a Herunoudaz.

200 1183 1183 44 11 15 78 12 20 60
175 Skutjonz
Missile Infantry / Missile Infantry / (Ger_Longbow_Hunters)
(Germanic Longbow Hunters)

A deer or a man: the target still needs killing.

175 528 528 9 165 5 15 21 11 6 29 1 20 35
300 Raumarici Slaganz
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Ger_scandinavian_clubmen)
Raumarici Slaganz
(Scandinavian Club Infantry)

The Raumarici are a Germanic tribe from the area of Romerike near Oslo. Germanic warriors are typically able to make effective arms quickly from any readily available materials. By shaping heavy boughs of oak and inserting bone spikes, these clubs can be used to maim both armoured and unarmoured foes alike.

300 680 680 30 11 13 56 6 20 45
300 Suiones Herunautoz
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Ger_scandinavian_Swordsmen)
Suiones Herunautoz
(Scandinavian Swordsmen)

The Suiones are a powerful tribe, distinguished not merely by their soldiers, but also - in possessing ships with prows on both ends - by their powerful fleets. Swords are not plentiful in Germanic lands because of their cost in iron, and so these fierce and valiant warriors carry their highly valued swords with pride.

300 653 653 33 11 11 66 4 20 55
175 Slengwonz
Missile Infantry / Missile Infantry / (Ger_Slingers)
(Germanic Slingers)

Even the humblest of tribesmen can hurt the enemy with a sling stone.

175 371 371 5 165 5 20 24 7 8 29 1 20 35
300 Dugunthiz
Melee Infantry / Spear Infantry / (Ger_Spear_Brothers)
(Germanic Spear Brothers)

These battle-hardened warriors can be relied on to stand and fight with courage and skill.

300 445 445 28 9 13 73 1 20 50
200 Kherunoutoz Khasthengoi
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Ger_Sword_Masters)
Kherunoutoz Khasthengoi
(Sword Masters)

These experienced, high-status warriors make fearsome battlefield opponents.

200 899 899 40 11 13 71 8 20 60
200 Kuningaz Beryanoz
Melee Infantry / Spear Infantry / (Ger_Thegnoz_Drugule)
Kuningaz Beryanoz
(King's Guard)

These nobles are close bodyguards and companions of the king: a few high nobles and chieftains. They devote their life to war, and are very experienced, finely educated warriors, using tactics and equipment similar to Celtic nobles. They are the very few to be equipped with leather and metal armour, and an iron helmet as well. Like Celtic chieftains, their helmets are decorated to give immediate recognition and act as a rally flag for their own warriors.

200 1046 1046 33 9 13 84 12 20 65
300 Langobardoz
Melee Infantry / Spear Infantry / (Ger_Wodanaz_Spears)
(Germanic Elite Spearmen)

Fighting for immortal honour, these warriors are inspired to great acts on the battlefield.

300 717 717 32 9 11 67 6 20 55
200 Nakwadaz
Melee Infantry / Spear Infantry / (Ger_Woithiz_Watha)
(Naked Spearmen)

Common as first-line units, these naked spearmen are the Germanic replica of the Gaisates, except that they use more crude weapons, the framea being too expensive and heavy to be carried by a skirmisher.However, they are still heavy skirmishers, relying on their speed to outflank the enemy, before launching their missiles in the hope of causing disarray within the enemy ranks.

200 544 544 36 9 17 67 1 20 65
200 Herusku Druthinaz
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Ger_Xerunoudozez)
Herusku Druthinaz
(Heruskoz Swordsmen)

These Heruskoz swordsmen are few in number, but they are the best warriors of their tribe, most likely noble sons from wealhy families. Their sword is generally shorter and broader than a Celtic sword, especially in the later period, good for thrusting and slashing. It is especially useful against Roman troops, as most Germanic warbands are unarmoured.

200 912 912 36 11 13 60 10 20 50