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HomeHome / Total War: WARHAMMER II / Lothern / Buildings / Gem Mining Buildings
Lothern Lothern Buildings

Gem Mining Buildings

Gem Mining

Gem Mineshaft
Gem Mineshaft
Level 0
Gem Mine
Gem Mine
Level 1
Gemcutter's Atelier
Gemcutter's Atelier
Level 2
Gem Mining
No. Building Create Time Create Cost Effects Garrison Units Recruitable Units
1 Gem Mineshaft Gem Mining Level 1
Gem Mineshaft
A gem mineshaft is for digging into the mountains in search of precious stones.
2 800 Gemstones resource production: 21 sacks (building_to_building_own)
2 Gem Mine Gem Mining Level 2
Gem Mine
Gem mines are valuable resources, especially if they have a high yield.
3 1600 Gemstones resource production: 32 sacks (building_to_building_own)
3 Gemcutter's Atelier Gem Mining Level 3
Gemcutter's Atelier
Elven gems are exquisitely cut. Dwarfs would argue that theirs are better… the Elves disagree.
4 3200 Hero recruit rank: +1 for Loremasters of Hoeth and Mages (all provinces)
Gemstones resource production: 48 sacks (building_to_building_own)