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The Ayyubid Sultanate The Ayyubid Sultanate
Building class
30. Bowyer
52. Port
56. Port
64. Market
76. Mines
78. Mines
86. Masjid
88. Jama
91. Masjid
93. Inn
94. Tavern
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Indian Ocean Trade (Level 3)
Indian Ocean Trade (Level 3) 印度洋貿易圈(等級3)
City/Castle City levels Castle levels
Building class city itrade
Convert to LEVEL
Building level LEVEL 2 itrade3
Material wooden
Capability trade_base_income_bonus bonus 3
Faction capability
Construction 6
Cost 4800
Requires condition and hidden_resource itrade
Building Description
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Indian Ocean Trade (Level 3) 印度洋貿易圈(等級3) Slaves from Africa , exotics from the far east , and the words of the Prophet himself flow through the Indian Ocean. Arab and Indian traders reaped great wealth sailing their dhows along the coast of the Indian ocean and so shall your empire. But beware for just as great wealth flows from the waters of the Indian Ocean so too lurks the dangers of the Far East, make sure to keep an eye on the number of rats on board your ships..... This building represents a large investment in sea trade in terms of infrastructure , merchant ship construction and trade agreements occurring along the Indian Ocean. By encouraging trade and protecting merchents from pirates you stand to make a large profit from taxes and tariffs. Vast is the Indian Ocean and vast shall be the wealth you acquire.
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