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Broken Crescent 1.05
The Ayyubid Sultanate The Ayyubid Sultanate
Building class
30. Bowyer
52. Port
56. Port
64. Market
76. Mines
78. Mines
86. Masjid
88. Jama
91. Masjid
93. Inn
94. Tavern
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Great Jama
Great Jama 巨型清真寺
City/Castle City levels Castle levels
Building class city temple_muslim
Convert to temple_muslim_castle LEVEL
Building level LEVEL 4 great_jama
Material wooden
Capability happiness_bonus bonus 5
religion_level bonus 3
agent_limit priest 2
Faction capability
Construction 8
Cost 12800
Requires condition
Building Description
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Great Jama 巨型清真寺 The Great Jama are the greatest centres of spiritual relevance to visit in the world of Islam, short of the sites deemed sacred by the Prophet Mohammed, blessed be his name. Great Jamas are often large enough to have their own internal courtyard, and are adorned in numerous minarets, making them an imposing and lavish monument of Islamic enlightenment.
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Recruit agents
No. Card Name Description Requires condition
1 Priest These men of faith essentially serve as a mobile conversion force, spreading their faction's religion wherever they travel. While the soldiers battle their faction's physical threats, these are the men who form your front line against the perils of heresy, and can actually denounce witches and heretics that stalk the land - this is the perfect way to prove one's faith and conviction.
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