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Broken Crescent 1.05 破碎的新月 1.05
The Ayyubid Sultanate 阿育布王朝 The Ayyubid Sultanate 阿育布王朝
Building class 建築類型
Previous building 上一個建築Indian Ocean Trade (Level 3) 印度洋貿易圈(等級3) The Church of the Holy Sepulchre 聖墓教堂Next building 下一個建築
The Dome of Rock 薩赫拉清真寺
The Dome of Rock 薩赫拉清真寺
City/Castle 城市/城堡 City levels 城市建築等級 Castle levels 城堡建築等級
Building class 建築類型 city hinterland_drock
Convert to 轉換建築類型 LEVEL
Building level 建築等級 LEVEL 0 drock
Material 材料 wooden
Capability 建築效果
Faction capability 勢力效果
Construction 建造時間 8
Cost 建造花費 100000
Requires condition 其他建造條件 and hidden_resource cantbuild
Building Description 建築描述
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The Dome of Rock 薩赫拉清真寺 The Dome of Rock is a building that the Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike consider one of the holiest places of all time. And like most holy places, it is located in Jerusalem. Within it contains a rock, which Muslims and Jews venerate. To Muslims it was there that Muhammad had ascended into a journey to heaven with Gabriel. To Jews, it was upon this stone that showed Abraham’s faith to god in the willingness sacrifice of his own son. To Christians, the spot where the dome was made originally housed the Church of The Holy Wisdom. It is, as the name implies, a massive dome and was ordered by Abd Al-Malik ibn Marwan. Though the Christians occupy Jerusalem, this holy building is one of the main reasons, or pretexts to retake Jerusalem.

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