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Otomo Otomo Units
Otomo Otomo Units

Siege Units

Armed with weapons designed for dealing with castles and buildings, siege units are vulnerable in melee and to cavalry.

Siege Units
No. Unit Sol. Recru. Turns Recru. Cost Upkeep Cost Mle. Atk. Chg. vs Cav. Rng. Acc. Rel. Amo. Ship Hul. Mle. Def. Arm. Mor.
40 Fire Rockets
Ranged Infantry / Siege Units / (Art_Large_Shafted_Fire_Rockets)
Fire Rockets
These men are armed with large arquebuses loaded with wooden rockets that are ignited and fired into enemy ranks to cause fires and panic.
40 2 950 150 2 5 0 250 25 15 5 1 1 3