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Foreign Siege Specialists Alani (Empire Divided)Alani (Empire Divided) Campaign Tier 6

Foreign Siege Specialists

Certain captives can be persuaded to share their knowledge…

From the shores of Britannia to the vast Sarmatian steppes, the barbarian tribes were famous for their ferocity in battle, driven by bloodlust and desire for plunder. When it came to the more sophisticated method of siege warfare, however, they were laughably inadequate. Barbarians did besiege fortified settlements except when the defenders were too stubborn to instantly surrender – generally, the aggressors moved off again in search of easier prey. The Gothic leader Fritigern famously claimed, before leaving the Siege of Adrianople, that he had "no quarrel with stone walls". Any skill in siege warfare could come only from educated prisoners or slaves of civilised origin. In later centuries, the Huns were well aware of that, so siege engines came to complement their mounted armies, much to the dismay of their foes!


Foreign Siege Specialists

Node Set

Campaign Tier 6






  • +15% movement range for all armies and fleets
  • -100% attritional losses when under siege
  • +4 siege hold-out time for besieged settlements
    (double for city-ports)
  • -100% attritional losses when besieging
  • -2 enemy siege hold-out time
    (double for city-ports)
Requires Technologies Expanded RetinueExpanded Retinue