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No. Building Create Time Create Cost Effects Garrison Units Recruitable Units
1 Port Port Level 1
A port is a gateway to the world of trade and military adventure.
2 800 30 wealth from maritime commerce (this_building)
2 Harbour Port Level 2
When ships can find safe haven, the people will prosper.
3 1700 -1 food (this_region)
60 wealth from local commerce (this_building)
120 wealth from maritime commerce (this_building)
3 Shipwright Port Level 2
The rule of law allows trade to flourish, even at sea.
3 1600 70 wealth from manufacturing (industry) (this_building)
4 Military Wharf Port Level 2
Military Wharf
He who commands the sea goes where he wills, and fights where he wills.
3 2100 -1 food (this_region)
70 wealth from manufacturing (industry) (this_building)
5 Fishing Port Port Level 2
Fishing Port
Fish are always good, but fish sauce is more welcome still to a good Roman!
3 1500 6 food (this_region)
40 wealth from maritime commerce (this_building)
-2 public order per turn (squalor) (this_province)
6 Trading Port Port Level 3
Trading Port
Without trade, the people cannot flourish and enjoy prosperity.
5 3400 -4 food (this_region)
120 wealth from local commerce (this_building)
240 wealth from maritime commerce (this_building)
7 Docks Port Level 3
Within the timber is a ship waiting to be born.
5 2900 140 wealth from manufacturing (industry) (this_building)
8 Drydock Port Level 3
A drydock aids the construction and maintenance of any battlefleet.
5 3800 -4 food (this_region)
140 wealth from manufacturing (industry) (this_building)
9 Fishmonger Port Level 3
Fish, to different degrees of freshness, can feed a whole city.
5 2300 9 food (this_region)
50 wealth from maritime commerce (this_building)
-4 public order per turn (squalor) (this_province)
10 Coastal Patrol Port Level 4
Coastal Patrol
Trade is the lifeblood of an empire, even more than military might.
8 4900 210 wealth from manufacturing (industry) (this_building)
11 Portus Classis Port Level 4
Portus Classis
The fleet headquarters embodies both symbolic and practical seapower.
8 5900 -8 food (this_region)
210 wealth from manufacturing (industry) (this_building)
12 Forum Piscarium Port Level 4
Forum Piscarium
The bounty of Neptune's depths feeds both gourmets and gutter-trash.
8 3100 12 food (this_region)
60 wealth from maritime commerce (this_building)
-8 public order per turn (squalor) (this_province)
13 Emporium Port Level 4
What cannot be bought is not worth buying.
8 5600 -8 food (this_region)
180 wealth from local commerce (this_building)
360 wealth from maritime commerce (this_building)