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Tribal Totem Alani (Imperator Augustus)Alani (Imperator Augustus) Warrior Code Tier 3

Tribal Totem

A man needs to know why he fights and what he defends.

Animal totems played an important role in barbarian myths and legends. Many, like the pig or the serpent, were considered links between our world and the Otherworld. Some were seen as omens; a white stag for example was a sign of the ‘Wild Hunt’ - a group of ghostly hunters who rode through the sky looking for the spirits of the recently deceased. Others, like the bear, the boar and the bull were worshipped for their strength and power, and featured heavily in weapon and shield designs.

Warrior Code

Tribal Totem

Node Set

Tier 3






  • +5% movement range for all armies and fleets
  • +3% melee attack for all units
  • +3% melee defence for all units
  • +3% missile damage for all land units
    (excluding siege units)
Requires Technologies Massed ChargeMassed Charge
Enables Technologies Servants of the EliteServants of the Elite
Enables Buildings Mead HallMead Hall