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Grain Kiln Alani (Imperator Augustus)Alani (Imperator Augustus) Tribal Economy Tier 6

Grain Kiln

Dry grain keeps for longer.

Grain kilns were used to dry out grain before it could be stored, which was particularly important in the damp climates of Britain and Ireland. The kilns consisted of a sunken pit which was then covered over using a wide variety of materials that included sods, wood, and in some cases, stone. A peat fire would then heat the kernels, causing them to harden; this allowed the tribes to store more grain for longer periods of time and was especially useful through the harsh, cold winters.

Tribal Economy

Grain Kiln

Node Set

Tier 6






  • +7 food
  • +6% wealth from livestock (agriculture) (all regions)
  • -6% agricultural building construction costs (all regions)
Requires Technologies SouterrainSouterrain
Enables Buildings SmokehouseSmokehouse
Sanctuary of ApiSanctuary of Api