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Cupellation Furnace Alani (Imperator Augustus)Alani (Imperator Augustus) Tribal Council Tier 3

Cupellation Furnace

Heat and skill can make even gold and silver more lustrous.

Cupellation is the process by which 'noble' metals, such as silver or gold, are extracted from base metals, such as lead or copper. This process takes place under extreme heat and has been in use since the early Bronze Age. The ancient Celtic smiths were part of the intellectual caste, the highest in barbarian society. Like the druids, they were believed to possess 'Otherworldly' knowledge; blacksmiths used mysterious techniques involving fire to produce strong metals from ore found deep within the earth.

Tribal Council

Cupellation Furnace

Node Set

Tier 3






  • -3% corruption in your provinces
  • Enables the recruitment of rank 1 dignitaries (all provinces)
  • -3% agent action costs (all characters)
Requires Technologies MintMint
Enables Technologies Royal SmithsRoyal Smiths
Enables Buildings Trumpet MakerTrumpet Maker