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Sanctuary of Tabiti Alani (Imperator Augustus)Alani (Imperator Augustus) Level 4

Sanctuary of Tabiti

Look to the goddess in times of danger! Preserve your homes and families.

In keeping with other tribal, clan or family-based cultures, the Scythians seem to have a reverence for 'hearth and home'. In their case, the personification of this idea was Tabiti, a mother-goddess figure, and the most important figure in their pantheon. According to Herodotus, who translated the goddess into a civilised, Greek frame of reference, Tabiti was the equivalent of Hestia, the ancient virgin-goddess of hearth, family and domestic life. He also mentioned that Tabiti was honoured, like all the gods with animal sacrifices. Sheep, cattle and horses were offered to her, but never pigs as these were, apparently, seen as unclean animals. In this, many ancient peoples were right, as a horribly large number of communicable diseases can be found in carelessly raised pigs. As might be expected of steppe nomads, offering horses in sacrifice was the surest way to the goddess’ favour.

Sanctuary of Tabiti

Building Name

Sanctuary of Tabiti

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Building Chain

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Create Time


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Require Resource


Require Technology

Land & Community Laws
Land & Community Laws


+2 Nomadic cultural influence (this_region)
-8 food (this_region)
240 wealth from entertainment (culture) (this_building)
+20% wealth from industry (regions_in_this_province)
+2 public order per turn (this_province)
Commercial Stimulation Edict:
+15% wealth from industry buildings (this_province)

Provides Garrison Army

No Garrison Units

Recruitable Units

No Recruitable Units