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Broken Crescent 2.02 破碎的新月 2.02
The Kingdom of Armenia The Kingdom of Armenia
Faction Description 國家派系
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The Kingdom of ArmeniaThe Kingdom of Armenia, A.D. 1174 Summer

When Armenia was overrun by Byzantines and Turks in 1064, many Armenians fled to the safe haven of Cilicia, which at the time was ruled by the Armenian warlord Philaretos Brachemios. Among these Armenian refugees was Prince Rhoupen and his son Gosdantin. Together they established a new Armenian state in Cilicia, quickly ousting the local Byzantine armies. Over the decades, the Byzantines and Turks desperately tried to wipe out this "New Armenia", but to no avail. With Armenian victories at the decisive battles of Mamistra and Marash, Armenian security was assured for the next two centuries it survived in Cilicia.Armenia has also had many confrontations with the Crusader states, mostly Antioch. However, the Antiochan threat was neutralized long ago with the crushing Armenian victory at Iskenderun. Armenia then joined forces with the Crusaders and siezed Cyprus from the Byzantines. However, Armenia would soon regret that and the plains of Cilicia were conquered by John II Comnenus. Armenia rebounded from these setbacks, however, and rose again to become a great military and economic power. In 1174, Armenia is recovering from the rule of the Muslim prince Mleh and is now under the rightful rule of the Christian Armenian Rhoupen III. Mleh now sits powerless in the fortress of Vahka, cowering behind its massive walls. Now is the chance to turn Armenia from a shadow of its former self and reclaim the glory of the Armenian Empire of old.

, 公元 1174 夏

The Kingdom of Armenia
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Popular units 受歡迎兵種
No. Card
Azat Swordsmen infantry heavy 692 304
6 ratings 個評分 Legendary unit 極度推薦
These brave azat soldiers are armed with sword and shield, trained and prepared to sacrifice all that is needed to defend their honour and glory.
Dismounted Aspet Lancers infantry spearmen 601 264
5 ratings 個評分 Legendary unit 極度推薦
Medium armoured dismounted cavalry armed with traditional javelins, able to pierce armour and wreak havoc among enemy lines.
Didebuls Horse Archers cavalry missile 947 454
4 ratings 個評分 Legendary unit 極度推薦
Light horse, used as both horse archers and as melee cavalry.
Dismounted Nakharar Knights infantry heavy 816 367
4 ratings 個評分 Legendary unit 極度推薦
Elite noble dismounted cavalry, armed with fierce maces able to negate armour with their blunt force.
Azat Archers infantry missile 238 100
3 ratings 個評分 Legendary unit 極度推薦
Armored archers from the ancestral homelands of Armenians, adept at marksmanship and limited melee.
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