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Bordeleaux Harbour Crooked Moon (Mortal Empires)Crooked Moon (Mortal Empires) Special Port Level 3

Bordeleaux Harbour

Trade and prosperity flow into Bordeleaux through this port, and with it, strength.

Although all Bretonnians swear fealty to the Lady, the subjects of Bordeleaux share a strong bond with the God of the Seas, Manann. To them, the unruly waves that crash against their infamous cliffs provide more solace than the unnatural horrors that lurk across the border in Mousillon. As they push their boats into the waters to fish or trade, the coastal denizens of Bretonnia give worship to Manann, praying for protection from the myriad dangers that lurk above and beneath the savage depths of the Great Ocean.

Special Port

Ruined Bordeleaux Docks
Ruined Bordeleaux Docks
Special Port Level 0
Bordeleaux Port
Bordeleaux Port
Special Port Level 1
Bordeleaux Harbour
Bordeleaux Harbour
Special Port Level 2
Manann’s Dry Docks
Manann’s Dry Docks
Special Port Level 3
Bordeleaux Harbour

Building Name

Bordeleaux Harbour

Level Name


Building Chain

Special Port

Building Level


Create Time


Create Cost


Require Resource


Income generated: 600 (building_to_building_own)
Additional tradable resources produced: +5% (factionwide)
Growth: +20 (region_to_province_own)

Provides Garrison Army

No Garrison Units

Recruitable Units

No Recruitable Units