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Cathedral of the Lady Couronne (Mortal Empires)Couronne (Mortal Empires) Worship Level 3

Cathedral of the Lady

The largest shrines can be found in major cities, yet the pious say the Lady is absent from such self-acclaimed edifices.

Over the years, kings and Lords, to show their devotion, have built grand cathedrals to venerate the Lady. However, her most pious followers believe these structures to be little more than vanity projects that shun the Lady's teachings and that she is more likely to be found in a humble grove than an opulent temple. Yet there are those that beg to differ, those who think grand statements imbue the Lady with power and enable her relics to be kept safe from despoilers.


Grail Shrine
Grail Shrine
Worship Level 0
Grail Chapel
Grail Chapel
Worship Level 1
Cathedral of the Lady
Cathedral of the Lady
Worship Level 2
Cathedral of the Lady

Building Name

Cathedral of the Lady

Level Name


Building Chain


Building Level


Create Time


Create Cost



[HIDDEN] Enables abilities for Heroes in garrisons (local armies)
Chivalry: +20 (region_to_region_own)
Praying: +30% chance of removing negative character traits of any [[img:icon_general]][[/img]]Lord garrisoned within this settlement each turn (region_to_region_own)
Hero capacity: +1 for Damsels (faction_to_faction_own_unseen)
Unlocks [[img:icon_hero]][[/img]]Hero recruitment: Damsel (province_to_province_own_unseen)
Untainted: +4 (region_to_region_own)
Untainted in adjacent provinces: +3 (province_to_province_own_unseen)
Lord recruit rank: +1 (factionwide)
[HIDDEN - do not translate] Used to increase lord rank when replacing a lord (target the effect at forces factionwide) - use in conjunction with a shown effect that targets provinces factionwide (all armies)

Provides Garrison Army

60 Grail Knights
Grail Knights
Shock Cavalry
1 Damsel (Heavens)
Damsel (Heavens)

Recruitable Units

Recruitable Units Lv. 0
No. Unit Sol. Costom Cost Recru. Cost Unkeep Cost Ship HP. Ship Spd. Msl. Dmg. Rng. Sht. /min Amo. Mle. Atk. Mle. Dmg. Chg. Mle. Def. Arm. HP. Mor.
60 Grail Guardians
Cavalry / Melee Cavalry / (wh_dlc07_brt_cav_grail_guardians_0)
Grail Guardians
The holy relics of the Lady, the most sacred in all Bretonnia, are guarded by the most fervent and fearsome of warriors.
60 1600 1600 36 36 38 56 155 128 85
120 Battle Pilgrims
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (wh_dlc07_brt_inf_battle_pilgrims_0)
Battle Pilgrims
Although a fierce foe to Bretonnia's enemies, Knights should be wary of their kleptomaniac tendencies…
120 600 600 32 32 18 31 65 69 80
1 Grail Reliquae
Melee Infantry / Special / (wh_dlc07_brt_inf_grail_reliquae_0)
Grail Reliquae
The interred remains of Knights are defended violently by those whose existence gives them purpose.
1 500 500 24 45 12 28 40 3474 85