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Pyramid Buildings


Vault of Nagash
Vault of Nagash
Level 0
No. Building Create Time Create Cost Effects Garrison Units Recruitable Units
1 Vault of Nagash Pyramid Level 1
Vault of Nagash
Deep inside the Pyramid of Nagash is said to be a vault, cursed with Undead magic by the fabled Necromancer himself. Only very few know what secrets it truly holds.
20 10000 Vampiric corruption: +20 (region_to_region_own)
Hero recruit rank: +3 (all provinces)
Magic resistance: 10% (all armies)
Winds of Magic power reserve: +30 (all armies)
Lord recruit rank: +3 (factionwide)
[HIDDEN - do not translate] Used to increase lord rank when replacing a lord (target the effect at forces factionwide) - use in conjunction with a shown effect that targets provinces factionwide (all armies)