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Oak of Ages (Ruined) LothernLothern Oak of Ages Level 1

Oak of Ages (Ruined)

This city lies in ruins. Nothing remains but destruction, ashes and the sorrowful taste of defeat.

There are many ruins within the Old World and beyond. Even in the Empire - the heart of civilisation - there are strange, ruined cities, their original inhabitants lost to time. In the Badlands lies Morgheim, once known as Mourkain, the capital of the Strygos Empire and now an infamous ruin. Of course, even further south, are the sand-scoured Tomb Cities of Khemri...

Oak of Ages

Oak of Ages (Ruined)
Oak of Ages (Ruined)
Oak of Ages Level 0
Oak of Ages (Pacified)
Oak of Ages (Pacified)
Oak of Ages Level 1
Oak of Ages (Ruined)

Building Name

Oak of Ages (Ruined)

Level Name


Building Chain

Oak of Ages

Building Level


Create Time


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Require Resource


No Effect

Provides Garrison Army

No Garrison Units

Recruitable Units

No Recruitable Units