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Salt Distillery LothernLothern Saltmaking Level 3

Salt Distillery

These facilities are used for breaking down and grinding brine, as well as extracting salt from bodies of saltwater.

Salt works are often located near saltwater lakes or the coast. As well as having great grinding machinery for pulverising rock salt, as developed by the Dwarf Engineers' Guild or at the workshops in Altdorf, they may also contain salterns – isolated saltwater bodies that use evaporation to filter it.


Salt Flats
Salt Flats
Saltmaking Level 0
Salt Pans
Salt Pans
Saltmaking Level 1
Salt Distillery
Salt Distillery
Saltmaking Level 2
Salt Distillery

Building Name

Salt Distillery

Level Name


Building Chain


Building Level


Create Time


Create Cost


Require Resource


Salt resource production: 48 barrels (building_to_building_own)

Provides Garrison Army

No Garrison Units

Recruitable Units

No Recruitable Units