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The Empire The Empire Technologies


Imperial Civil Tech

No. Technology research_points cost_per_round Requires Effects Enables
1 Fishing Fleet Military Tier 1
Fishing Fleet
As the fishing fleet leaves port, a prayer is said to Manann in the hope that he will provide a generous bounty.
    Growth: +10 (all provinces)
2 Mass-Produced Small Ammunition Military Tier 1
Mass-Produced Small Ammunition
Industrialised production of ammunition for handguns has allowed the Empire to hoard large supplies.
    Ammunition: +10% for Pistoliers, Outriders, Crossbowmen, Free Company and Handgunners units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
3 Rally Lesser Nobles Military Tier 1
Rally Lesser Nobles
The young nobles of the Pistolkorps are called to war, many eager to prove their worth in battle!
    Recruitment cost: -5% for Pistoliers and Outriders units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Upkeep: -5% for Pistoliers and Outriders units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
4 State-Issued Infantry Armour Military Tier 1
State-Issued Infantry Armour
State Troops are often issued with armour plate to ensure unit cohesion and a modest level of protection.
    Armour: +10 for Empire infantry units excluding Greatswords (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
5 State Troop Sergeants Military Tier 1
State Troop Sergeants
Usually sporting impressive facial hair, barking orders, and instilling discipline, every regiment needs a decent sergeant.
    Unit experience: +2 for Empire infantry unit recruits (faction_to_character_own_unseen)
6 Gunnery School Siege Masters Military Tier 2
Gunnery School Siege Masters
Veteran gunsmiths work at their great inventions, racing their peers to create the largest artillery pieces.
    Leadership: +10 when laying siege (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Leadership: +10 when under siege (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Enemy siege holdout time: -1 (faction_to_character_own_unseen)
7 Mercantile Fleet Military Tier 2
Mercantile Fleet
The merchant fleets travel far and wide, collecting wares from Ulthuan, Ind and Far Cathay.
    Additional tradable resources produced: +5% (factionwide)
    Income from trade: +5% trade agreement tariffs (factionwide)
8 State-Issued Weapons Military Tier 2
State-Issued Weapons
Although the cost falls to each individual soldier, it is expected that all will use standardised equipment.
    Weapon strength: +10% for Flagellants units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Weapon strength: +10% for Empire units with spears (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Weapon strength: +10% for Empire units with swords (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
9 State Troop Standards Military Tier 2
State Troop Standards
As regiments gain renown, their standards become talismans that are just as important as their sword-arms.
    Leadership: +5 for Empire infantry units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
10 Warhorse Breeding Military Tier 2
Warhorse Breeding
Selective breeding allows the Empire to have good supply of steeds, capable of carrying heavily-armoured Knights into battle.
    Vigour loss reduction for cavalry units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Recruitment cost: -5% for Empire Knights, Knights of the Blazing Sun, and Reiksguard units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Upkeep: -5% for Empire Knights, Knights of the Blazing Sun, and Reiksguard units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
11 Sea Charts Military Tier 3
Sea Charts
Charting the seas has always been a perilous venture. For confirmation, just ask Admiral Roth's father…
    Income from Ports: +10% (faction_to_region_own_unseen)
12 Improved Light Cavalry Armour Military Tier 3
Improved Light Cavalry Armour
Light Cavalry need to be mobile, so shun full-plate armour. Regardless, some protection is still required.
    Armour: +10 for Pistoliers and Outrider units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
13 Mounted Musicians Military Tier 3
Mounted Musicians
Musicians on horseback help co-ordinate charges with a siren blast of the horn, ensuring a wall of hooves and lance approaches the foe!
    Charge bonus: +10% for cavalry units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Speed: +5% for cavalry units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
14 Rifled Barrels Military Tier 3
Rifled Barrels
The discovery of barrel-rifling led to increases in speed and accuracy. Both Dwarfs and men claim credit for this invention.
    Missile damage: +10% for Pistoliers, Free Company, Outriders and Handgunners units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
15 State Troop Musicians Military Tier 3
State Troop Musicians
A regimental musician beats out a regular tattoo to aid marching, even speeding units along when the meter quickens.
    Speed: +5% for Empire infantry units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
16 Veteran Gunners Military Tier 4
Veteran Gunners
Veteran Gunners are able to spot a target with unerring accuracy - they've probably survived the odd misfire too…
    Unit experience: +2 for Empire artillery recruits (faction_to_character_own_unseen)
    Unit experience: +2 for Steam Tank unit recruits (faction_to_character_own_unseen)
17 Draft Irregulars Military Tier 4
Draft Irregulars
A ready supply of fresh, professional soldiers isn't always possible, so drafting in irregulars can keep numbers up.
    Upkeep: -5% for Empire infantry units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
18 Improved Heavy Weapons Military Tier 4
Improved Heavy Weapons
Refined ore techniques create stronger steel, making for more durable blades and heavier weapon heads.
    Weapon strength: +10% for Empire units with greatswords (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Weapon strength: +10% for Empire units with halberds (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Weapon strength: +10% for Empire units with lances (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
19 Knightly Preceptors Military Tier 4
Knightly Preceptors
Taken from the Inner Circle, Preceptors are veterans and champions of the Knightly brotherhood.
    Unit experience: +2 for Empire Knights, Reiksguard, Knights of the Blazing Sun, and Demigryph unit recruits (faction_to_character_own_unseen)
20 Purge Dark Cults Military Tier 4
Purge Dark Cults
The Holy Order of the Templars of Sigmar - or Witch Hunters - can be sent under an Arch Lector's order to purge vile cults.
    Reduction in [[img:icon_corruption_vmp]][[/img]]Vampiric and [[img:icon_corruption_chs]][[/img]]Chaos corruption: +2 (factionwide)
21 Divine Sanction Military Tier 5
Divine Sanction
"The Grand Theogonist himself has judged this region and declared it pure and free from fell taint."
    {{tr:public_order}}: +2 (all provinces)
22 Full Plate Mail Forging Military Tier 5
Full Plate Mail Forging
The secrets to forging full-plate armour are passed down to chosen smiths under the patronage of the Knightly Orders.
    Armour: +5 for Greatswords, Empire Knights, Reiksguard, Knights of the Blazing Sun, and Demigryph units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
23 Reiksguard Standard Bearers Military Tier 5
Reiksguard Standard Bearers
The Reiksguard are the personal army of the Emperor, the standard they carry a symbol of his military might.
    Leadership: +5 for cavalry units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
24 Imperial Architects Military Tier 5
Imperial Architects
The Imperial Architects are an eccentric bunch who have always had, well, let's say 'fanciful' ideas about how a building should look…
    Construction cost: -10% for all buildings (faction_to_region_own_unseen)
25 Supply Wagons Military Tier 5
Supply Wagons
An army can only march as far as its supplies will last. Wagons loaded with goods allow for larger forces.
    Global recruitment capacity: +1 (faction_to_faction_own_unseen)
    Local recruitment capacity: +1 (all provinces)
26 Ecclesial Writ Military Tier 6
Ecclesial Writ
When the Dark Powers gather, the Cult of Sigmar sends its champions to rid the realm of its taint.
    Hero action cost: -20% (all characters)
    Hero recruit rank: +2 for Warrior Priests (all provinces)
    Hero recruit rank: +2 for Witch Hunters (all provinces)
    Leadership: +5 for [[img:icon_general]][[/img]]Lords and embedded [[img:icon_hero]][[/img]]Heroes (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
27 Firing Drills Military Tier 6
Firing Drills
Packing a wallop when they strike, artillery crews are also measured on their firing rates; the faster the better.
    Reload time reduction: +15% for artillery (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Ammunition: +20% for artillery (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
28 The Inner Circle Military Tier 6
The Inner Circle
The Knights of the Inner Circle are the elite of the elite, amongst the best fighting men of the Empire.
    Melee attack: +5 for Empire Knights, Reiksguard, Knights of the Blazing Sun, and Demigyph units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
    Melee defence: +5 for Empire Knights, Reiksguard, Knights of the Blazing Sun, and Demigryph units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
29 Thick Tank Plating Military Tier 6
Thick Tank Plating
There are eight Steam Tanks left in the world, of which only a few have been 'improved' with thicker armour plate.
    Armour: +15 for Empire war machine units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)
30 Volley Fire Military Tier 6
Volley Fire
Missile units that train together excel at firing a deadly hail, so not all members of the regiment have to see the target.
    Reload time reduction: +15% for missile infantry units (faction_to_force_own_unseen)