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The Empire The Empire Buildings

Woodlands Buildings


Woodman's Hut
Woodman's Hut
Level 0
Timber Mill
Timber Mill
Level 1
Level 2
No. Building Create Time Create Cost Effects Garrison Units Recruitable Units
1 Woodman's Hut Woodlands Level 1
Woodman's Hut
Wood is an ever-needed resource, and yet the forests of the Old World are not safe places to harvest it.
2 750 Income generated: 100 (building_to_building_own)
Timber resource production: 28 logs (building_to_building_own)
2 Timber Mill Woodlands Level 2
Timber Mill
Wood in its natural form is hard to work with, so the timber mills turn it into lumber ready for sale.
3 1500 Income generated: 150 (building_to_building_own)
Timber resource production: 42 logs (building_to_building_own)
3 Lumberyard Woodlands Level 3
Lumber yards are wholesale markets where wood is stored in great quantities before being shipped to its final customer.
4 2500 Income generated: 200 (building_to_building_own)
Timber resource production: 64 logs (building_to_building_own)