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The Empire The Empire Buildings

Hostelry Buildings


Tap Room
Tap Room
Level 0
Level 1
Coaching Inn
Coaching Inn
Level 2
No. Building Create Time Create Cost Effects Garrison Units Recruitable Units
1 Tap Room Hostelry Level 1
Tap Room
Smaller taverns are often little more than rooms with kegs of ale stacked along one side of a hay-strewn floor.
2 1500 {{tr:public_order}}: +4 (province_to_province_own)
2 Tavern Hostelry Level 2
Man’s villages and towns across the Old World are dominated by taverns as much as any smithy or general store.
3 3000 {{tr:public_order}}: +6 (province_to_province_own)
3 Coaching Inn Hostelry Level 3
Coaching Inn
Coaching Inns are large establishments with rooms and stables, found on busy trade routes or in large town centres.
4 4500 {{tr:public_order}}: +8 (province_to_province_own)