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The Empire The Empire Buildings

Port Buildings


Ruined Docks
Ruined Docks
Level 0
Imperial Wharf
Imperial Wharf
Level 1
Imperial Harbour
Imperial Harbour
Level 2
Imperial Port
Imperial Port
Level 3
No. Building Create Time Create Cost Effects Garrison Units Recruitable Units
1 Ruined Docks Port Level 1
Ruined Docks
This city lies in ruins. Nothing remains but destruction, ashes and the sorrowful taste of defeat.
1 0
2 Imperial Wharf Port Level 2
Imperial Wharf
Wharfs are platforms jutting out of the water, allowing ships to be boarded easily.
1 1000 Income generated: 200 (building_to_building_own)
Growth: +10 (region_to_province_own)
3 Imperial Harbour Port Level 3
Imperial Harbour
Whether man-made or natural, a harbour is a place for vessels to wait out Stromfel's rage.
3 4000 Income generated: 400 (building_to_building_own)
Growth: +20 (region_to_province_own)
4 Imperial Port Port Level 4
Imperial Port
Large port-cities are strategically key during wartime, for they are home to its great fleets, both military or mercantile.
5 9000 Income generated: 800 (building_to_building_own)
Growth: +30 (region_to_province_own)