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The Empire The Empire Buildings

Industry Buildings


Weaving House
Weaving House
Level 0
Level 1
Tailors' Guild
Tailors' Guild
Level 2
No. Building Create Time Create Cost Effects Garrison Units Recruitable Units
1 Weaving House Industry Level 1
Weaving House
The deft creation of cloth is one of man's specialities. Their flamboyant clothing couldn’t exist without weavers.
2 750 Income generated: 250 (building_to_building_own)
2 Clothier Industry Level 2
The clothier turns the bolts of cloth from mere linen to garments – anything from shirts to large, frilly pantaloons!
3 1500 Income generated: 375 (building_to_building_own)
3 Tailors' Guild Industry Level 3
Tailors' Guild
For some, fashion is as important as a sharp blade to have upon your person. Tailors offer such bespoke stylings.
4 2500 Income generated: 500 (building_to_building_own)