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Morceaux Valley Orchards The EmpireThe Empire Bordeleaux Winemaking Level 1

Morceaux Valley Orchards

The Lady herself blessed the Morceaux Valley, washing the land with crystal water from the Grail.

Bordeleaux is famous not only for its affiliation with the sea god Manann, but for its wines also. However, cider from Bordeleaux is also considered some of the best in the world, much to chagrin of the cider makers in Wissenland! It is the orchards of the Morceaux Valley which provide the sweet red apples that makes the drink so good.

Bordeleaux Winemaking

Morceaux Valley Orchards
Morceaux Valley Orchards
Bordeleaux Winemaking Level 0
Morceaux Valley Vineyards
Morceaux Valley Vineyards
Bordeleaux Winemaking Level 1
Morceaux Valley Vintners
Morceaux Valley Vintners
Bordeleaux Winemaking Level 2
Bordeleaux Wine Market
Bordeleaux Wine Market
Bordeleaux Winemaking Level 3
Morceaux Valley Orchards

Building Name

Morceaux Valley Orchards

Level Name


Building Chain

Bordeleaux Winemaking

Building Level


Create Time


Create Cost


Require Resource


Growth: +20 (region_to_province_own)
{{tr:public_order}}: +3 (province_to_province_own)
Wine resource production: 42 barrels (building_to_building_own)

Provides Garrison Army

No Garrison Units

Recruitable Units

No Recruitable Units