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Wizard's Conclave The EmpireThe Empire Battle Wizards Level 1

Wizard's Conclave

Wizards are wanderers and often loners by nature but, should one or two of them meet, a conclave is formed.

Conclaves are ephemeral gatherings – often in places of latent power – where Wizards from the Eight Colleges will meet to discuss the affairs of the nation or to air rivalries common amongst the Orders. It’s also a place where mages bring the concerns of mundane folk to their kin to decide if action should be taken.

Battle Wizards

Wizard's Conclave
Wizard's Conclave
Battle Wizards Level 0
Wizard's Tower
Wizard's Tower
Battle Wizards Level 1
Wizard's Conclave

Building Name

Wizard's Conclave

Level Name


Building Chain

Battle Wizards

Building Level


Create Time


Create Cost


Require Resource


Battle Wizard [[img:icon_hero]][[/img]]Hero capacity: +1 (faction_to_faction_own_unseen)
Enables [[img:icon_hero]][[/img]]Hero recruitment: Battle Wizard (province_to_province_own)
Enables [[img:icon_hero]][[/img]]Hero recruitment: Celestial Wizard (province_to_province_own)
Enables [[img:icon_hero]][[/img]]Hero recruitment: Bright Wizard (province_to_province_own)

Provides Garrison Army

No Garrison Units

Recruitable Units

No Recruitable Units