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Woodworker's Shop The EmpireThe Empire Carpentry Upgrades Level 1

Woodworker's Shop

Woodworkers, while not as skilled as carpenters, are as fundamental to the realms of men as builders and blacksmiths.

A woodworker's shop will be a trove of furniture - tables, chairs, lecterns and their like, the quality of which depends on whether, for instance, Sternoak from Hochland or a good old Drakwald timber are used. Of course, things made from weirwood, or the dark trees of Sylvania, may have "other" characteristics...

Carpentry Upgrades

Woodworker's Shop
Woodworker's Shop
Carpentry Upgrades Level 0
Woodworker's Shop

Building Name

Woodworker's Shop

Level Name


Building Chain

Carpentry Upgrades

Building Level


Create Time


Create Cost


Require Resource


Recruitment cost: -20% for Empire Crossbowmen and Spearmen recruits (province_to_province_own)
Unit experience: +3 for Empire Crossbowmen and Spearmen recruits (province_to_province_own)

Provides Garrison Army

No Garrison Units

Recruitable Units

No Recruitable Units