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Light Infantry

Light infantry are sharpshooters and very good at screening the main battle line, although weak in melee. Their role involves advancing before the main body of the army to flush out enemy ambushes and thin their ranks, then withdrawing behind the main line when threatened.

Light Infantry
No. Unit Sol. Recru. Turns Recru. Cost Upkeep Cost Mle. Atk. Chg. vs Cav. Rng. Acc. Rel. Amo. Ship Hul. Mle. Def. Arm. Mor.
120 Sharpshooters
Ranged Infantry / Light Infantry / (Boshin_Inf_Light_Sharpshooters)
A few bullets, in the right targets, can turn the course of battle.
120 1 840 110 4 10 0 150 45 25 20 2 2 6