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Elephant (Custom Battle Units)

There's nothing quite like an elephant to make a hole in an enemy line. Flaming projectiles and javelins are the best way to counter them.

No. Unit Sol. Custom Cost Recru. Cost Upkeep Cost Ship HP. Ship Spd. Msl. Dmg. Rng. Sht. /min Amo. Mle. Atk. Mle. Dmg. Chg. Mle. Def. Arm. HP. Mor.
36 Misthophoroi Elephantes Hulaioi Liboukoi
Elephants / Elephant / (MERC_Afr_Mercenary_Elephants)
Misthophoroi Elephantes Hulaioi Liboukoi
(African Mercenary Elephants)

Mercenaries who ride to battle atop intimidating African war elephants. For the right amount of silver you can see your enemies trampled into the ground.

36 2000 1250 500 12 6 14 29 12 95 30