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No. Unit Sol. Custom Cost Recru. Cost Upkeep Cost Ship HP. Ship Spd. Msl. Dmg. Rng. Sht. /min Amo. Mle. Atk. Mle. Dmg. Chg. Mle. Def. Arm. HP. Mor.
200 Pritanoi Ambactoi
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Bri_Ambactoi)
Pritanoi Ambactoi
(British Ambactoi)

These swordsmen are the other half of the chariot team, along with the Arioi foot nobles, and best serve them in a supporting role. They back up the swordsmen's attack with javelins and can form a shield wall for their masters to retreat behind. They profit from long hours of regular weapons-drill and are disciplined, sturdy troops, who are not easily discomfited.

200 1338 1338 268 44 11 17 84 16 20 65
30 Arioi
Cavalry / Chariot / (Bri_Arioi)
(Noble Chariots)

Chariots and horses are the pride of every noble as they are a sign of great prestige. However when the battle truly commences, the commander must be on foot, both to direct his forces and to show himself no less brave than his men. Armed with fine swords and shields and some clad in excellent mail coats, this small band of nobles and aristocrats must pay for their privileged positions with their blood.

30 1800 1800 360 33 11 31 50 18 20 65
100 Marcacoi
Cavalry / Melee Cavalry / (Bri_Marcacoi)
(Britannic Heavy Cavalry)

Armed with the best swords, shields, and armour, these experienced horsemen can hit very hard indeed. They are best used in conjunction with the lighter armed and javelin-throwing cavalry of the retainers and tribesmen in the trimarcisia style of the Galatians that Pausanias describes.

100 2095 2095 419 40 11 24 59 16 20 60
200 Rycalawre
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Bri_Rycalawre)
(Kingly Champions)

The British tribes' best warriors are not so much trained, as they are proven. The Rycalawre are nearly fearless and even hungrier for glory than younger men. They have already felt the rewards of victory and have many heads to their credit. Years of warfare often leave their bodies scarred but their spirit as sturdy as tempered steel. They are wealthy, powerful men, but they were not necessarily born as such. When a young warrior begins to attract prestige for himself (often by having a mound of heads to his name) he also begins attracting favours and gifts from his chief. These favours, like armour, weapons, jewellery, and slaves, allow him to be outfitted in equipment superior to that of lesser men.

200 1335 1335 267 44 11 15 80 16 20 65
200 Tegoslugos
Melee Infantry / Spear Infantry / (Bri_Tegoslugos)
(Champion Spearmen)

This small core of experienced warriors are housed and fed by their nobles and kings. They have sworn their lives to their masters, and will fight and die by their sides. In return they are honoured and rewarded.

200 1192 1192 238 38 9 13 91 14 20 65
200 Calgo Neitos
Melee Infantry / Melee Infantry / (Bri_Heroic_Nobles)
Calgo Neitos
(Brythonic Heroic Nobles)

Those of the blood must purchase their nobility with enemy lives.

200 1157 1157 231 42 11 15 78 12 20 60
100 Epatos Neitos
Cavalry / Melee Cavalry / (Bri_Heroic_Riders)
Epatos Neitos
(Brythonic Heroic Riders)

Brave to the point of foolhardiness, these warriors are the heroes of their tribe.

100 1924 1924 385 36 9 28 57 12 20 60