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Lead By Example Alani (Empire Divided)Alani (Empire Divided) Army Tier 3

Lead By Example

The true king cannot just give commands from the safety of a nearby hill.

Barbarians were bound to their chief or king by a an oath and a strict code of loyalty. The code worked both ways, as the ancient historian Tacitus explains " is a disgrace for the chief to be surpassed in valour, a disgrace for his followers not to equal the valour of the chief." Thus a king needed to prove his merit as a leader at all times and likewise his warriors had to demonstrate their worth as followers. The Battle of Strasbourg at AD 357, between the Romans and the Alemanni, is a fine example of this relationship. Before the battle, the Alemanni king, Chnodomar, was urged by his warriors to dismount and fight on foot, as was proper for a true warrior. Naturally, he complied. After the Alemanni lost, however, Chnodomar surrendered to the Romans and his retinue did the same, as they could not bear the thought of outliving their leader.


Lead By Example

Node Set

Army Tier 3






  • +1 experience rank(s) for land unit recruits (all provinces)
Requires Technologies Brave SoulsBrave Souls
Enables Technologies Military DisciplineMilitary Discipline