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Steppe Steeds Alani (Empire Divided)Alani (Empire Divided) Military Tier 1

Steppe Steeds

No beast is nobler than the sturdy horse of the open steppe.

Historia Augusta, the collection of Imperial biographies, mentions that the army of Emperor Probus managed to capture a horse from the Alani. The beast, while not in possession of any striking visual qualities, could (allegedly) run a hundred miles in a day for eight or ten days in a row. Although this anecdote borders on fiction, the steeds of the nomadic peoples were known to have incredible endurance, their stamina being paired with the handy ability to survive in sparse pastures. It comes as no surprise that nomads were capable of traversing great distances to conduct a daring raid or to escape any force raised to resist them.


Steppe Steeds

Node Set

Military Tier 1






  • -5% cavalry unit recruitment cost (all provinces)
Enables Technologies Mass Cavalry ChargeMass Cavalry Charge One-on-One TrainingOne-on-One Training Brave SoulsBrave Souls Enhanced Boat ConstructionEnhanced Boat Construction Intensified Physical ConditioningIntensified Physical Conditioning