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Military (Siege) Buildings

Military (Siege)

Field Engineers' Workshop
Siege Engineers' Workshop
Military (Siege)
No. Building Create Time Create Cost Effects Garrison Units Recruitable Units
1 Workshop Military (Siege) Level 1
The gods favour men who can craft wood and iron to cunning purpose.
2 1100 50 wealth from manufacturing (industry) (this_building)
2 Field Engineers' Workshop Military (Siege) Level 2
Field Engineers' Workshop
Soldiers use shovels as often as swords, assuming they want to win.
3 2200 100 wealth from manufacturing (industry) (this_building)
-3 public order per turn (squalor) (this_province)
3 Siege Engineers' Workshop Military (Siege) Level 3
Siege Engineers' Workshop
No wall is impregnable if a man thinks long and hard, and possesses the right tools.
5 3500 150 wealth from manufacturing (industry) (this_building)
-6 public order per turn (squalor) (this_province)