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Revolutionary Infantry
Revolutionary Infantry
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Promising unit 表現良好
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Class 兵種 Line Infantry Recruitable regions 招募地區 France
Men 兵員數 160 Required technology 招募需求科技
Guns 火炮數 Turns to build 招募回合 2
Firepower 火力 Unit limit 數量限制 0
Range 射程 80 Abilities 兵種能力
  • Can Guard
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Resistant to morale shocks
  • Grappling Hooks
Technology abilities 科技增強能力
  • chevaux_de_frise
  • earthworks
  • socket_bayonets
  • Can adopt square formation
Accuracy 準確度 30
Reloading Skill 裝彈技巧 45
Ammo. 彈藥數 10
Melee Attack 格鬥 4
Charge Bonus 衝鋒 13
Defence 防禦 6
Morale 士氣 6
Recruit. Cost 招募費用 550
Upkeep Cost 維持費用 130
Unit Description 兵種描述
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Revolutionary Infantry These infantrymen are convinced that their actions are honourable, just and virtuous in defence of the Revolution and their beloved France. They are the people’s soldiers, buoyed up by high morale and a lack of experience that means they are capable of insane feats of bravery on the battlefield. Strong in numbers, and weak in discipline, they are only a little better than an armed mob, but what a mob! They burn with a zealous conviction that they are right, and this is their weapon even more than the muskets they carry so inexpertly.

Before 1791, the French army echoed the old feudal system: officers gained their place through family connections and title. The ordinary soldiers were treated badly. A series of mutinies and military rebellions produced some reforms in 1791: a code of justice, a reform of finances and an opening up of the officer class to the lower social classes. But it was the Revolution and the French Guards’ part in storming the Bastille that transformed the army from a tool of repression to the army of the people. The soldiers of the Revolution, though willing, eventually had to come to terms with military discipline, and that would need Napoleon.

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Require buildings 需求建築
No. Card
Building level
1 Cantonment sArmy 0 0
This building allows basic military units to be recruited.
2 Barracks sArmy 1 1
A barracks allows a selection of military units to be recruited.
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