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Steam Paddle Frigate
Steam Paddle Frigate
Rate: 4 ratings
Great unit
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Class Steam Ship Recruitable regions Worldwide
Men 102 Required technology Steam Ship Propulsion
Guns 31 Turns to build 5
Firepower 238 Unit limit 0
Range 450
Accuracy 70
Reloading Skill 40
Hull Strength 1450
Speed 21
Maneuver. High
Recruit. Cost 1380
Upkeep Cost 340
Unit Description
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Steam Paddle Frigate Carrying powerful 32-pounder cannon, this frigate is a valuable asset to any admiral. At close range, her guns fire a powerful broadside, but this does not make her invulnerable. No frigate has a hull that can withstand a broadside from a ship-of-the-line, and in this case the paddle wheels are vulnerable too. While a paddle-wheel powered frigate is not entirely at the mercy of the wind, it is not possible to carry enough fuel to cruise over long distances; steam is a tactical advantage, not a strategic one.

Paddle wheels were a logical reversal of the idea of a waterwheel, simply reversing the idea of the water flowing past the wheel and providing energy. They were originally used in river-going craft, and it was not until 1819 that the first seafaring paddle-wheel ship, SS Savannah, made the first steam-powered crossing of the Atlantic, from Savannah, Georgia, to Liverpool in England. Savannah did run out of fuel off Ireland, but eventually made landfall and then, after refitting, pressed on to St. Petersburg in Russia, where the Tsar's government was so impressed that it made a cash offer for the ship. The valuation wasn’t good enough.

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Require buildings
No. Card Name Building level Experience
1 Steam Drydock pNavy 2 0
A steam drydock is a basin for shipbuilding and repair that can be pumped dry by steam power. Steam engines also power much machinery.
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