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Napoleon 拿破崙
Units List 兵種單位
42. Brig
43. Sloop
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Fine unit 表現優異
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Class 兵種 Militia Recruitable regions 招募地區 Worldwide
Men 兵員數 160 Required technology 招募需求科技
Guns 火炮數 Turns to build 招募回合 1
Firepower 火力 Unit limit 數量限制 0
Range 射程 80 Abilities 兵種能力
  • Can Guard
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Can hide in light scrub
  • Garrison policing bonus
  • Grappling Hooks
Technology abilities 科技增強能力
  • chevaux_de_frise
  • earthworks
Accuracy 準確度 30
Reloading Skill 裝彈技巧 15
Ammo. 彈藥數 10
Melee Attack 格鬥 4
Charge Bonus 衝鋒 9
Defence 防禦 4
Morale 士氣 3
Recruit. Cost 招募費用 330
Upkeep Cost 維持費用 80
Unit Description 兵種描述
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Militia Men in the militia rarely expect to be sent into battle. It is their lot to act as reserves, or local law enforcers. As a result, if they do find themselves on a battlefield, they should be expected to run away, and not handle their weaponry with any great proficiency. Militia may appear useless, then, but they are cheap to maintain and as plentiful as any bureaucrat could want.

In 1806, despite previous unfortunate experiences with disgruntled peasants, the Russian state recruited 600,000 serfs into the “opelchenie”, a militia. Training was basic, and weaponry similarly simple: the opelchenie were given pikes. After the French invasion of 1812 the opelchenie was no longer limited to serfs, and another 200,000 recruits joined in a national wave of patriotism. Some of this new cohort of serfs brought their own pitchforks and shovels as weapons.

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Require buildings 需求建築
No. Card
Building level
1 Tax Office sAdmin 0 0
The taxman is, for common people, the face and grasping fist of government.
2 Magistrate sAdmin 1 0
There may be a monarch or president on the coinage but, for most folk, the magistrate is the man that really matters!
3 Court of Justice sAdmin 2 0
A court of justice is the government’s power, set out in stone and marble, for the people to respect and fear.
4 Court of Appeals sAdmin 3 0
The force of law, symbolised by this court, is a powerful weapon in a government’s armoury.
5 Supreme Court sAdmin 4 0
A supreme court is the most magnificent setting for legal matters, but it is also a symbol of the rule of law.
6 Cantonment sArmy 0 0
This building allows basic military units to be recruited.
7 Barracks sArmy 1 0
A barracks allows a selection of military units to be recruited.
8 Drill School sArmy 2 0
A drill school trains soldiers to obey standardised military procedures. It also allows military units to be recruited.
9 Military Academy sArmy 3 0
A military academy trains young officers, and improves the recruitment of military units.
10 Staff College sArmy 4 0
A staff college trains officers in the strategies needed to win wars, and improves the recruitment of military units.
11 Cannon Foundry sCannon 0 0
Cannon foundries make guns and the associated ammunition and equipment for artillerymen.
12 Ordnance Factory sCannon 1 0
An ordnance factory designs and manufactures guns and their associated equipment.
13 Great Arsenal sCannon 2 0
A great arsenal is a huge manufactory for artillery pieces and allows artillery units to be recruited.
14 Ordnance Board sCannon 3 0
This council of state is charged with looking after all matters relating to artillery and improves the recruitment of military units.
15 Engineer School sCannon 4 0
Military engineering needs much study to be practiced well.
16 Theatre sCulture 0 0
Sensation and spectacle keep everyone occupied and entertained, and safely distracted from politics.
17 Opera House sCulture 1 0
Entertainment improves the happiness of all classes and helps to improve town wealth.
18 Grand Opera House sCulture 2 0
The height of artistic and musical refinement, this building improves the happiness of all classes.
19 Great Museum sCulture 3 0
This splendid structure is a celebration of national greatness and improves the happiness of all classes.
20 Musee Napoleon sCulture 4 0
This magnificent collection of French treasures greatly adds to national prestige.
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