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Dutch Guard Lancers
Dutch Guard Lancers
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Great unit
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Class Lancer Cavalry Recruitable regions Worldwide
Men 60 Required technology
Guns Turns to build 2
Firepower Unit limit 1
Range 0 Abilities
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Good stamina
Technology abilities
  • Diamond formation
  • Wedge formation
Accuracy 0
Reloading Skill 0
Ammo. 0
Melee Attack 12
Charge Bonus 42
Defence 9
Morale 14
Recruit. Cost 810
Upkeep Cost 260
Unit Description
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Dutch Guard Lancers Trained to ride hard into battle with their lances down, these superb horsemen are ideal shock troops: the moment of impact is the moment of truth for their attack. They either break enemies, or should withdraw to charge again. Their steeds are fast moving and carry them to key points on the battlefield very quickly. Their morale is superb, but they are not suitably equipped for prolonged melee. A lancer is at a disadvantage in a close-in fight. Used against elite infantry in square their skills and lances will, of course, count for very little.

Originally formed as a hussar regiment, these men were transformed into lancers by a decree issued on the 23rd September 1810. Their first challenge was to learn how to handle the apparently unwieldy, but deadly lance. Several officers were sent to the Polish Lancers’ Chantilly barracks where they were drilled in the much-needed skills of the lance. These men then passed their new found wisdom to the rest of their regiment in Versailles. The reorganisation of the new Guard Lancers resulted in a number of uniform changes that proved extremely costly. The Minister of War had to ask Napoleon himself to provide them with more money to pay for new uniforms for the men!

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Require buildings
No. Card Name Building level Experience
1 Staff College sArmy 4 0
A staff college trains officers in the strategies needed to win wars, and improves the recruitment of military units.
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