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Third Age 3.1 魔戒第三紀元 3.1
Rebels Rebels
Building class 建築類型
22. Erech
25. Edoras
33. Dale
36. Erebor
39. Bree
55. Mordor
58. Udûn
62. Moria
68. Harad
69. Umbar
74. Rhûn
75. Rhûn
95. Shire
102. Fangorn
107. Khand
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The Elostirion-stone
The Elostirion-stone
City/Castle 城市/城堡 City levels 城市建築等級 Castle levels 城堡建築等級
Building class 建築類型 hinterland_palantir
Convert to 轉換建築類型 LEVEL
Building level 建築等級 LEVEL 0 elostirion_palantir
Material 材料 wooden
Capability 建築效果
Faction capability 勢力效果
Construction 建造時間 1
Cost 建造花費 100000
Requires condition 其他建造條件 and hidden_resource hr_none
Building Description 建築描述
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The Elostirion-stone The Palantíri (sometimes translated as "Seeing Stones") are stones that can be used in communication with one another, and also to see many things across the face of the world. When its master looks in it, he can communicate with other Stones and anyone who might be looking into them; people of great power can manipulate the Stones to see virtually any part of the world. The Palantír of Elostirion, also known as the Elendil Stone is stored in the tower Elostirion on the Emyn Beraid. The stone is aligned westwards towards the Master-stone in the Tower of Avallonë, along the length of the Straight Road; because of this, it can not communicate with the other three of Middle-earth. For usage instructions hit F1 (Help) while Elostirion is selected.
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